When May You Need an MRI Scan?


Getting an MRI scan can be a daunting prospect, and yet it can be the answer to many of your health nightmares. To find out more, this guide will cover when you need to get an MRI scan.

To Diagnose Health Conditions

Many people have MRI scans each year, and people may need an MRI scan to diagnose a variety of health conditions. These include some types of cancer, a stroke, brain injuries, dementia, or infections, so you should consider booking an MRI if you start to show the symptoms of these. If you need an MRI scan but you are worried about the cost, Express MRI can provide you with affordable local MRI imaging at one of their specialist clinics, which can help you to get the diagnosis that you need if you want to have a bright future ahead of you.

You will need to get an MRI urgently if you may have any health conditions which could potentially worsen or which could leave your life at risk. For instance, MRIs are commonly used to urgently diagnose different cancers which need treatment immediately. In these cases, you should book an MRI as soon as possible to ensure that your health does not decline further while you are waiting for a scan. Don’t hesitate to learn more by checking out click here.

When Your Symptoms Need Further Investigation

You may also need to get an MRI scan if you believe that your condition needs further investigation. For instance, if your health issue is difficult to diagnose by simply discussing your symptoms; or if your doctors are struggling to find out what is causing your symptoms by running other tests.

If You Are Unhappy with a Previous Diagnosis

You might decide to get an MRI scan because you are unhappy with a previous diagnosis that has been made by a doctor or with the care provided by your doctor. For instance, you may want to get an MRI if your doctor has given you a diagnosis that does not appear to fit your symptoms, or if you have developed new symptoms since receiving your diagnosis. However, before you get an MRI scan after a diagnosis that you are unhappy with, you should speak to your doctor about your health again and discuss the benefits of the scan. You should also consider getting alternative feedback from another doctor or a specialist, who might then be able to refer you for a scan.

If You Are Unhappy with Your Treatment

You might also decide to get an MRI scan because you are unhappy with the treatment that you are being given. For instance, if you are getting treatment for a condition and it is not working as well as you might have expected, this could signal to you that you have been misdiagnosed, that you have an underlying issue, or that you have multiple health problems that need to be sorted out. By having an MRI scan, your treatment may be able to be updated and you will be able to start on a new treatment plan that takes its findings into consideration as soon as possible.

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