When To Call A Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Some women, and even men, do not realize that they are being harassed sexually because they do not get it when it occurs. They think that everything is normal, but actually, it is not. So, when workplace sexual harassment occurs? It is not the easiest to determine, especially if everything for you is just normal. Sometimes, if you are too kind, and too friendly, some people take advantage of you up to harassing you already, without you knowing.

Just to make sure you are protected and away from being harassed, it is important that you know the signs and signals that you are already being harassed. To help you, here are some of the times when you need to call a sexual harassment lawyer:

Sexual comments

Even dirty jokes are considered sexual harassment. If someone is talking about their sexual activities, distributing pornography, cracking sensual jokes and so on, then it is a reason to call a lawyer.

This is a bit subjective because some are not as sensitive in terms of sexual comments, they consider it as a joke, while there are some who are sensitive and they feel harassed when conversations about sex, sensual activities, and the like, are being discussed in front of them.

Do not fear if you are not comfortable about such discussions, contact a lawyer and ask for their advice.

Unwanted advances

If someone in your office is harassing you, forcing you to go out on a date with them, asking for sexual favors, harassing you through letters and phone calls, then calling a lawyer can be considered.

If their actions are giving you discomfort, then taking action may be necessary. You can speak with the person involved directly first, if he/she is not cooperating, then it is time that you call a lawyer to file for legal assistance.

Inappropriate touching

Any inappropriate touching, like kissing, fondling, hugging and even touching their private parts in front of you, calls for a consultation from a lawyer. Safeguard your safety and security especially when you are at work. If you feel like you are being touched inappropriately, do not let it be.

Sexist comments

Yes, sexist comments are considered sexual harassment. Comments like stereotyping women, such as not being able to get promoted because of gender, or forcing women or men to wear clothes that seem inappropriate, are all considered as sexual harassment.

Harassment by others

Harassment not just by people in the workplace but also people like your customers, vendors, clients and business partners can also sexually harass you. Speaking with your employer about it must happen immediately, if they do not take action, then it is time that you talk to a lawyer and take action for yourself.

Do not suffer from other’s misbehavior. If you think that you are being sexually harassed, do not hesitate to call for a lawyer’s assistance. It is highly recommended that you first speak with the person involved, then if the person did not do anything and still continue with his/her malicious acts, you can speak with your manager.

If you have exerted everything and you still fail to get the treatment you think you deserve, then talking to a trusted lawyer is what you need to do next.

But of course, you have to make sure that the lawyer you choose is the right one, or else, you might end up not getting the justice that you truly deserve. There are many lawyers to hire, you just have to be careful on who to choose especially that the case you are filing is sensitive and personal.