Why Choose Sydney Water Tanks


You can’t have enough water in your home – you need it for cleaning, drinking, irrigations, and in some cases, filling your swimming pool. For this reason, more homeowners are installing storage tanks in their properties. This is to either supplement the mains water supply or serve as a backup when there’s an outage.

Rainwater storage is available in different types, shapes, colours, and designs. Regarding the type, you can choose between above-ground tanks and in-ground water tanks. With the other factors, it all depends on your preferences. Tanks are also priced variably, meaning that you can own one, regardless of your budget.

Another factor that differentiates tanks is the material used in their construction. Some popular choices in this regard include steel, plastic, and concrete.

Here are some top reasons why you need to invest in a water tank.

Water Storage

Storage tanks do precisely what their name means – they act as a water reservoir. By storing water, you have a go-to option if a crisis occurs. You won’t have to wait for the water company to restore the connection, a process that often inconveniences many. Also, you will always have more water than you need at a time.

Increased Property Value

Every homeowner’s dream is to sell their property at the right or higher value. Like home staging, adding a swimming pool, and doing a makeover, having water storage tanks can increase the perceived value of your home.

The reason why potential buyers find houses with tanks more appealing is that they picture themselves in an environment that has a reliable supply of water. Nobody would want to live in a house that experiences frequent water outages.

Environmental Conservation

You don’t always have to plant trees or collect trash to conserve the environment. A subtle way of keeping your surrounding in good condition is by investing in a water tank. By doing this, you prevent rainwater from reaching the ground. This, in turn, prevents soil erosion that would have resulted if the runoff water hit the ground.

Storage tanks also reduce consumption of the water supplied by local authorities. This water is usually pumped using electricity, meaning that reduced usage saves energy and conserves the environment.


As mentioned earlier, you have several options when it comes to installing water tanks.

Concrete tanks are affordable and durable. Cement and ballast, the two materials used for making concrete, are available in many regions worldwide. This saves the money you would have otherwise used on transport. On top of these, you have complete freedom over the shape and design of the tank you want when you choose concrete.

The type of plastic used for constructing water tanks is called polypropylene. Like concrete, it is durable, although its lifespan shortens when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. The most significant advantage of plastic is that it’s available in different colour options, and you can get one that suits your taste.

Steel is mainly used for constructing tanks common in industrial applications. It is durable and robust. However, water from these tanks usually has a metallic taste due to the zinc coating applied to prevent corrosion and rusting. To prevent this, modern steel tanks have a plastic liner.

Tanks are a valuable addition to your home, even if you live in an area with a reliable water supply. They ensure that you always have water and provide a way out whenever there’s a water crisis.

Lastly, tanks are available in different styles and budget options, meaning that you can’t fail to get one that meets your needs. If you want an option that doesn’t interfere with your exterior décor, purchase underground water tanks.


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