Why Do I Need a Medical Detox Program?

Medical detox programs were developed to help patients who are entering make it through the first stage of detoxification. As the patient starts the recovery process, they will experience withdrawals in varying degrees of severity. A person who had been using for only a short period of time may have withdrawals that are very mild. On the other hand, a person who has been dealing with a substance abuse problem for many years may have withdrawal symptoms that are quite severe.

Dealing With Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Dealing with severe withdrawal symptoms can lead to significant health problems such as severe anxiety, elevated blood pressure, and depression. Sleeplessness and nausea may also be present. For many, the symptoms are so severe, it can have a detrimental impact on the recovery process. With a medical detox program, specific medications are prescribed to minimize the severity of the symptoms. This allows the patient to focus more fully on their recovery. A medical detox program makes it possible for patients to make it through the detoxification process without experiencing traumatic health issues.

Dual Diagnosis

Patients who have both an addiction as well as a mental illness are given a dual diagnosis. While mental illness is often treated first in this type of situation. Medications are introduced that will treat the mental illness as well as the symptoms of withdrawal. Once the patient’s mental illness has been effectively treated, they can begin working on their recovery. The detoxification phase can be a difficult first step if medical support is not part of their treatment plan.

Highly Structured

A medical detox program is highly structured. Once the patient has been evaluated and the level of their addiction has been assessed, the doctor can then prescribe the types of medication that is needed to reduce the severity of their withdrawal symptoms. As the patient progresses and the detoxification process is completed, adjustments may be made to their medications. This allows the patient to transition smoothly from the detoxification process to full recovery mode. The medical support the patient receives ensures that they will begin their recovery journey in good health.

Medical Supervision

Medical supervision is also a benefit of a medical detox program. As patients are guided through the medical detox program, they are constantly being observed for any health issues that may arise. Medical supervision ensures that the patient has everything they need to remain as healthy and vibrant as possible throughout their recovery journey. They are given the nutritional resources they need to regain their physical health and minimize any aftereffects of the addiction. Individuals who are admitted into an inpatient program are able to benefit from the structure and the medical supervision of these types of detox programs.

Gallus medical detox centers are excellent resources for medical detox programs. Individuals who are interested in entering into a medical detox program can find the support they need to make it through a very difficult part of their recovery. Understanding what a medical detox program provides will help you choose the right recovery path for your needs.