Why Strategy and Stats Matter When it Comes to Football Betting


The world of sports betting can be complicated and risky. Those who enter this world without any knowledge of how things are done may find themselves making uninformed decisions and losing money. Creating a strategy and studying stats allows bettors to have a better understanding of the game and, thus, a higher chance of winning. People who bet with no previous knowledge of football are risking much more than those who study and pay attention. Read below to see why strategy and stats matter if you want to succeed in football betting.

Informed Decision-Making

By studying the different teams and players on each team, you will be better able to predict the actions of players and the likely outcomes of games. This way you will be making an informed decision as opposed to a wild guess. Using platforms like https://sportsloci.com/ to study up on career-long stats and recent game records allows bettors to calculate the likelihood of a certain player’s actions or a certain team’s success. If you know how well a team has been performing, then you will be able to make an educated guess that they will probably continue to perform well or badly and you can choose to bet on them or not. 

If you are planning on placing a bet sometime this week, all you have to do is spend time watching past matches and reading through stats websites so that you are up-to-date on each player if you are going to bet on goal scorers or team if you are going to bet on which team is likely to win in the next match.

Long-Term Success

Using strategy when placing bets allows bettors to consistently have success. If you dedicate time to studying statistics and watching matches, then your overall knowledge of the game of football will always be improving. If betting is something that you are serious about, then you want to make sure that your money is being spent well and that you are seeing good returns. This is impossible to predict if you do not do research and only bet on instinct or a whim. A good bettor is always informed and gaining new knowledge every day in order to stay on top of their game. 

Increased Odds of Winning

As stated above, you are more likely to win a bet if you have an overall knowledge of the game of football and those who play it. Your odds of winning increase when you use your knowledge to predict an outcome. If a team has won several matches in a row and has a cohesive team that is in a good rhythm at the moment, then it is a safe bet to predict that they will win the next match as well. If you are betting on goal scorers and the same player has scored goals in the previous several games, then it is a safe bet to predict that they will score a goal again.

Increased Odds of Winning

With any life decision, it is important to be informed. Betting on football is no different. Remember that an informed bet is always going to be better than a bet done on a whim. Keep this in mind the next time you place a bet.

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