Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis


Growing your own cannabis has become increasingly popular and there are many reasons why one would choose to do so. Living in a country or state where cannabis is legal may lead you to believe that growing your own plant is too expensive.

However, this assumption is entirely false, and growing your own cannabis actually has many benefits whether those are financial or simply helping you connect with nature. We will explore them all in today’s article. So without further ado here are the top reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis.

It Is More Accessible Than Ever

It is important to note that the topic of cannabis and its consumption has become way more relaxed and people are starting to see the benefits of it. Also, countries and states are increasingly legalizing it. The primary factor behind the increased accessibility of cannabis is the ever-changing legal aspect surrounding it. As more countries and states are taking steps towards legalizing the consumption of cannabis, individuals have access to it without fear of legal consequences. With online resources you can educate yourself on the benefits of cannabis, how to grow it, where to find the seeds, what are the best seed banks and more.

Beyond its recreational use, the accessibility of cannabis has also been contributed by its medical use. With the creation of medical marijuana programs people now have access to it and it makes it easier for them to manage their health conditions. The accessibility of cannabis will only grow as more educational programs develop, legislative reforms progress and people become more educated on its benefits.

You Are In Control

Knowing your product, what you consume, and how it is grown is of extreme importance and you can only achieve that by growing your own cannabis. This is also crucial since we live in a time when there is uncertainty about where the cannabis that your purchase comes from and how it is handled. 

By growing your own cannabis plant you are in full control of the final product. You will know what seed is planted, how it is harvested, drying, curing, and finally what you will consume. You are also in charge of what fertilizers and nutrients are used in the growing process which is very important. When growing your own cannabis it is you that has full control of the quality of the product.

There is Room For Experiments

When growing your own cannabis, you make room for experimenting and trying out different methods for growing it. This however does depend on the amount of money you can or are willing to invest since different methods require different budgets. But that is the beauty of growing it on your own, you decide how you want to grow it and how much you want to spend on it. You can try out different growing techniques or special training techniques that you have seen online. 

Additionally, you can experiment with growing different parts of the plant and finding different uses for each part. To put it simply, by growing your own cannabis you leave room for improving and experimenting until you find a technique that suits you best and gives you the highest quality product.

You Will Save Money

If you consume cannabis regularly, especially for medical or recreational purposes, then growing your own means that in the long-term you will end up saving money. You can return the amount you invest only with one or two harvests and that says a lot. And there is also the factor that you will have access to your own stash and you won’t depend on the person that is selling it when you want more. 

While the amount you will have largely depends on how much you consume, it is important to note that just one or two plants grown at a time can easily supply you with a steady flow of cannabis. Growing your own cannabis will also make you aware of the costs that are associated with it and you will take that into consideration when consuming it. 

Connecting With Nature

Growing your own cannabis means that you will observe a slow and natural process of growth. By looking at how the plant develops through the process you will learn more about the nature of it and you will learn to appreciate it more. However, this process is not only about observation. 

You will also need to know what to do in each stage and this sometimes means intervening when the plant is not healthy. Ultimately, when you will have the final product in hand you will know that there is a part of you in it as well. You will develop a stronger connection with nature and its processes.

Final Thoughts

In today’s digital age, there are more resources available than ever before. You can learn everything you need to know about growing your own cannabis, from what seeds to use to which growing techniques are the best. So whether you are a regular consumer or are looking to start for the fun of it there are many reasons why you will want to consider growing your own cannabis.

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