Why You Should Own Multiple Perfumes


When thinking about buying perfume, many people’s goals are to find their signature scent. While the idea of a signature scent is inviting, why must you limit yourself? There are thousands of unique tattoo perfume out there, all waiting to be tested and loved, so there’s no reason to tie yourself down to one bottle. Here are the reasons you should branch out and own multiple perfumes.

For Your Changing Moods

The chances are, you don’t feel the same every single day, so why should your smell be? Reflect on how you feel by having an array of perfume bottles to choose from. If you are feeling flirty, for example, you could opt for a sweet, musky scent, but if you are feeling more work-focused, then a citrus scent would do nicely. Let your fragrance be as ever-evolving and unique as your personality.

For the Different Seasons

Different seasons call for a variety of perfumes. While in winter, you might want a rich, woody perfume; in summer, floral would suit better. By owning multiple perfumes, you can choose the fragrance that matches the weather. Plus, when a new season comes around, using the scent you used the year before will flood you with nostalgic memories.

Also, some perfumes act differently depending on the temperature. If a perfume smells beautiful in summer, it might not quite reach the same note when the weather turns in the fall.

If you want to build up a range of perfumes but don’t want to break the bank, consider using a scent subscription. This way, you get a new fragrance each month without having to pay the retail price for the full bottle.

It Looks Pretty on a Shelf

Several perfumes lined up on a shelf is a decoration all on its own. If you have a dressing table, then it’s an easy way to style it with something you use! Plus, the feeling of picking up each bottle while picking your scent for the day is unmatched.

Your Friends Have Borrowing Options

Have you ever had a friend ask to borrow some perfume? It can be a little disheartening, especially when you want your scent for the evening to be unique to you. By having a range of fragrances on hand, your friends have plenty of options to choose from. Consider buying Alien Perfume 60ml if you’re looking for quality without hurting your budget.

For Different Occasions

Just like different occasions call for different outfits, the same is applied to fragrance. After all, why would you wear the same rich, musky perfume you wear on a date to a job interview?

Having a perfume to match each occasion is extremely satisfying. You could smell floral when going shopping, woody when you’re going out for the evening, and citrusy when you’re at work. Whatever matches you make, it’ll make you feel special to have a variety of scents to match where you are heading.

It is More Exciting

It’s simple – having more perfume is more exciting. When you are getting ready in the morning, having multiple fragrances to choose from gives your morning an extra dash of luxury that most people only experience while browsing department stores.

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