With a Triple Sell-Out, Ghost Machine is Heading Back to Print


Ghost Machine’s first print run was strong, but the demand for the comics far exceeded the supply. The books are back in the printing process right now, so readers who couldn’t get a copy will be able to get theirs soon. Not only that, but the second book in the Geiger, Redcoat, and Rook sagas will also be out before very long, which will give comic collectors and enthusiasts more of the story to enjoy.

Ghost Machine’s Popularity is Notable

The Ghost Machine series has gained a lot of popularity since it first came out, partially because the creators of it are already well-known names when it comes to making great characters that people can appreciate. Still, they didn’t expect this strong of a reception when it came to this particular collaborative series, and were surprised that it sold out as quickly as it did.

That’s encouraging for the creators and the fans, though, because it means the odds of more books being developed are higher. After all, if people like the series and there’s a demand for it, there’s no reason not to continue with books #2 and beyond, for the foreseeable future. That will help keep fans of the series reading and enjoying it for a long time to come, while they wait patiently between books and get ready for their next adventure.

Collaborators Are Continuing the Series

Geoff Johns and others who’ve collaborated on the Ghost Machine series already have book #2 of all three series ready to come out in May of 2024. Now, that will be just after the second printing of book #1 in each of the three series, as well, since they sold out so quickly when they were first offered. This is great news for fans, of course, because they’ll be able to get their hands on book #2 soon after they’ve gotten book #1, so they can continue the story.

New Books Will Be Available Fast

With strong collaboration, fans can expect new books to come out fairly quickly. That doesn’t mean they’ll all be out every few months, though, because it can take some time to develop the stories and illustrations for three different series under the Ghost Machine title. But fans that are patient will be rewarded with an ongoing series they can enjoy for a long time, more character development, and a great universe full of characters they can look forward to.

Growing Demand is Putting the Series on the Map

For people who haven’t heard of the series before, discovering it can help them become part of something great. Fans are loving what the series has to offer and are fully invested in the lives of the characters and the ongoing development of the universe. While they wait for new books to come out, they can re-read their favorite scenes and talk with one another about what they think is coming next. Once book #2 comes out, there will be even more to say.

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