3 Marketing Strategies Dealerships Use to Win New Business

Every car dealer wants a steady stream of customers, it’s the key to growth. But attracting more customers and boosting sales isn’t always easy. Shoppers now have greater control over the car-buying process thanks to technology and widespread internet use. So, how do you make potential customers choose you over the competition? 

Well, for starters, your automotive marketing strategy should make your brand stand out. You must use powerful lead generation tactics–both offline and online. It’s the only way you can make your business stand out. Use these marketing strategies to attract more car buyers and drive up sales.

1. Provide Unique In-store Offers

The car-buying process usually begins with an internet search and browsing car stock images. Give shoppers a reason to buy from you instead of the competition–like incentives and discounts. Incentives create a sense of urgency and motivate people to buy immediately to avoid missing out on limited-time offers. You can offer a 5% discount or free oil changes for a year. You can also offer cash rewards or gift cards to customers.

Additionally, you can create a referral program and reward customers for spreading the word about your business. Referral programs boost sales because they offer a lower-cost-per-lead than other marketing channels. People trust people they know and act on their advice. When customers have a great car-buying experience, they can recommend you to their family or friends, helping you sell more cars faster. 

2. Create the Right Automotive Campaigns 

Excellent marketing campaigns target the right people. Ask yourself who your typical customer is and know your marketing goals. Do you want to sell more cars, build brand loyalty, or increase your brand’s visibility online? To know your target customer better, identify their needs and concerns. 

Use demographic segmentation to divide your customer base into smaller categories based on factors like gender, age, and income. Also, use car-buying trends to adjust your marketing strategy. Make the most of unofficial “car-buying holidays” like Black Friday and Memorial Day. shoppers usually expect the best automotive deals on these days. Use them to your advantage. 

Also, exploit ad scheduling. Check analytics to determine when customers usually come into the dealership and establish an ad schedule. Ensure most of your ads only run before these key times, reminding potential customers to come and buy.

3. Use Customer Reviews to Build Trust

Like any other business, dealerships operate on trust. While many customers spend days, weeks, and even months researching cars and dealerships, most read reviews to make up their minds. 

Good customer reviews on Google and Yelp can bring prospects to your dealership. Reviews are a cost-effective and powerful marketing strategy. Ask your previous customers to leave you positive reviews on different platforms. 

You can also create customer success stories featuring your previous customers. Put these on your website, social media, paid social ads, and in your newsletter. Letting your customers speak for you is the best way to instill trust in potential customers. Happy customers can also become brand ambassadors without your prompting.