3 Ways the Digital World Has Changed Thanks To New Startups

Today’s tech landscape is crowded with many startup companies. Many of these startups are looking at the digital world with fresh eyes, striving to change it through their actions and applications of new technology.

A handful of startups are setting themselves apart by transforming the digital world. These startups have fresh ideas that will help advance their industries and help everyone benefit from advances in technology.

Here are three ways in which new startups are changing the digital landscape, together with examples of companies making a difference today.

1. Updated Marketing Techniques

Today’s marketing startups are applying the newest technologies to this legacy field. These companies are ready to provide greater sales results with fewer resources expended. They use AI and predictive data technologies to enhance companies’ use of SEO and other marketing techniques.

Bluecore employs predictive data to produce models that recommend automated action. These automatic actions include connecting customers to the right products, services, offers, and content.

Braze is a customer engagement platform that uses the power of context to interact seamlessly with prospects. This helps brands foster a human connection with their consumers without taking too much of their workers’ time. The platform helps companies build an audience while personalizing the customer journey.

2. More Secure Transactions

Today, many digital analysts are concerned about cybersecurity. New startups in the security and banking fields are using blockchain to enhance the safety of financial transactions worldwide. The innate safety of the blockchain transaction is driving digital transformation today.

Chainalysis improves trust by providing governments, banks, and other agencies with services that make blockchain more secure. The company produces unique compliance and investigation software that helps banks and other institutions identify and reject hacked or stolen funds. The company has also helped to solve several high-profile cases of cybercrime.

Spring Labs uses blockchain’s transparency and real-time data ledgers to help companies verify the identities of their customers. The platform also helps to protect consumer data, reduce costs, and shorten the time needed to approve credit transactions. Digital entrepreneurs like Dan Lok, Paul Allen, Marco Arment, Scott Belsky, and Jeff Bezos can use this platform to secure their customer base.

Casa is a blockchain-based program that helps consumers manage private keys. The loss of a private key could lead to the catastrophic loss of blockchain assets, so a new entry in this category is welcome. The company helps to protect against accidents, theft, natural disasters, and other problems resulting in the loss of a key. The company also offers a service that helps with key recovery.

3. Automation

Automation has long been a buzzword for the future, but today, many startups strive to bring their benefits home to every type of company. Digital automation has been transformative in the manufacturing field and sales, customer service, workflow, accounts payable, and clerical tasks like data entry. The use of automation enables companies to work more efficiently, using their human resources for specialized tasks and allowing them to be more selective in their hiring practices.

HyperScience produces a platform that can transform hand-written forms into digital text. This enables the automation of many data-entry tasks that are traditionally tedious and repetitive. The company also offers a program called HS Evaluates which can automate the review of applications and files with artificial intelligence. The software can review claims, eliminate duplicates, decide whether the applicant is eligible, and make decisions.

UnifiedPost uses process automation technology to automate invoices and payments. It also helps companies with financial process transparency and digitization. The company specializes in document and payment processing, digital archiving, management of accounts receivable, document signing, and electronic identity. Its platform is used across a wide variety of industries, including banking, telecommunications, and travel.

K2 helps users build tailored business applications with drag-and-drop tools and no coding required. It helps to manage business processes by identifying bottlenecks and integrating with other systems like SQL and Dropbox.

Exploring the New World of Technology

These startup companies can produce exciting results using new advances in digital technology. Advances in marketing, security, and automation are joined by steps forward in other areas as well.

Businesses that want to stay on top of their sectors should always pay close attention to tech startups’ activities, taking advantage of their new ideas to make their businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Knowing where the benefits of using new technology lie is an essential first step toward improving how a company does business. Tech startups will continue to provide innovative solutions to the problems that many companies are encountering in the market today.