4 Tips On Renting Sports Buses And Limos


If you are planning for your wedding, a bachelors or bachelorette party, a birthday, sports event or any other festivity, then you must be aware that the mode of transportation is a crucial part of it. And therefore, renting a sports bus or a Limo should be among your number one priority. The thought of it can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. But don’t worry, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile some tips for you on how to go about it. Keep scrolling!

Know The Cost Of The Limo

If you are considering renting a limo, then you should keep in mind the number of people you would like to be ferried, where they will be picked and dropped and of course the kind of event they will be attending. These are some of the first questions that you will be asked by your preferred limo company to help them calculate their rates. But you should expect a price range of between $50 to $100 hourly for a standard limo ride. But if you want everything lit and would go for a sports bus, then be ready with at least $90 to $ 250 hourly. Don’t even think of lying about the number of passengers.

Be Aware Of How Much You Will Spend On A Sports Bus

As we have already mentioned above, a sports bus could cost you anything between $90 to $250. But there are still various amazing offers in the market that you can take advantage of. And if you aren’t sure about the pricing, there are various sites you can log into and compare rates. Most party hosts in the USA swear by the convenience provided by the price 4 limo and bus rental website when it comes to rate calculations. There are various factors for price variables such as the location, type of service and number of passengers. A sports bus, for instance, accommodates more people than a standard limo. So if yours is going to be a big party and you are expecting more than twelve guests, then this makes an ideal choice for you. They usually come with a full entertainment system, comfortable seats, drinks, etc. according to your preference.

Remember To Tip The Driver

Limo companies normally employ highly qualified chauffeurs. And it’s them that you will entrust the lives of all your loved ones to and from your event. And although it isn’t mandatory to tip them for the service they are employed to do, it would be nice of you if you do, especially if their exemplary services caught your attention. So for this, any amount between 16 to 20% of the total rental cost would be fine. But you can always offer whatever you have. A gesture of kindness goes a long way, no matter how small it might seem.

Know The Actual Number Of Your Guests

Your big event can turn into frustration without a proper mode of transportation for everyone. So if you are considering renting a limo, then it’s good to know that a standard one can ferry 4-18 people, while a sports bus takes 10-25.

You cannot plan an event without considering the mode of transportation you will use to ferry your loved ones to and from the event location. And for this, most individuals would go for either a limo or sports bus, according to preference and number of guests. We hope the above list gave you a rough idea of what to expect. Enjoy yourselves!

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