5 Tips for Bringing Your Kids to Their First Animal Encounter


The Green Planet Dubai is the first biodome in the UAE and the Middle East that replicates a natural tropical rainforest. The indoor park’s features and attractions were carefully planned, designed, and produced so that there’s no need to go to South America, Africa, or Australia to experience a rainforest adventure.

The indoor rainforest won’t fail to amaze both kids and adults. However, it is a must-visit for children since the park provides unique fun and educational experiences, which they will remember for a long time. They will also take away vital bits of knowledge that will help them be more environmentally conscious.

Be a Zookeeper for a Day

The Green Planet offers many of the best kid activities in Dubai. However, one of the best experiences they provide to young ones is allowing them to be zookeepers for a day.

The Be a Zookeeper for the Day feature gives children the amazing experience of getting up close and personal with some of The Green Planet’s most fascinating and unique creatures.

Kids who sign up for this activity will be escorted by an expert in-house team that will take them on a tour behind the scenes. They will visit the laboratories and learn how to take care of some of the most unique and endangered species in the world.

They will also help with moving animals into the biodome, preparing animal food, and assisting the maintenance staff. Additionally, children will also get to feed some of the rainforest’s most fascinating organisms.

Preparing Your Kids for Their First Animal Encounter

The Be a Zookeeper for the Day is a wonderful experience kids will love and find exciting. But since this activity will have your little ones get really close to some animals, you need to prepare them for this type of experience, especially if this will be their first time.

Below are five tips that will help you prepare your children for their first animal encounter and ensure they will have a fun and unforgettable time as they become zookeepers for a day:

1. Get your kids excited about the activity

Whether your children are animal lovers or not, there is a chance they may get scared when they learn that they will be in close contact with some unfamiliar creatures. To avoid dealing with tears and tantrums and even running after your kids, tell them where you will be going on your trip and what they will be doing. 

Show your kids the website of The Green Planet and let them explore it. Tell them what animals they will see inside the rainforest. Explain to them that you want them to join the Be a Zookeeper for the Day experience so that they’ll get to know more animals and how to take care of them.

Additionally, read a few books showcasing the creatures they will see at the park. You can also watch kid-friendly videos about these animals with your children.

The more they know about the animals they will see and encounter, the more they will be excited about the activity. You will help dispel their fears, as well.

2. Help your kids choose the right outfit to wear

Since your children will be going around the biodome for several hours, make sure they wear comfy walking shoes. Trainers are the best choice of footwear since they won’t hurt your kids’ toes too much, no matter how long they walk or stand around.

The Green Planet is an air-conditioned biodome so it can get chilly here. Certain spots, such as the bat cave and the Midstory, where the snakes and other reptiles are housed, have a lower temperature. If your kids tend to feel cold fast, ask them to bring a sweater.

Have your kids pack an extra shirt or top in their backpacks if they will bring one. If not, place these in your bag.

3. Remind your kids to engage their four senses

Once you are inside the rainforest, encourage your children to activate their sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch.

Ask them to look closely at all the animals they see. Tell them to listen to the sounds the creatures make and to everything they hear inside the biodome.

Additionally, remind your kids to listen to what their guides are telling them so that they won’t miss out on the important points they should know about.

When they get close to an animal, ask them to remember what it smells like. Encourage them to touch or pet it.

By having your children use all their senses, you will enable them to learn more about animals. You will also help them get more out of the activity and give them a more valuable, memorable learning experience.

4. Be sensitive to your kids’ fears

Most children will hesitate to touch a python, bird, or creature they have never seen before. Showing them pictures and sharing some information about these animals will help reduce their fears. However, don’t expect that this step will enable them to overcome their anxieties completely.

If your children are afraid of a particular animal, for instance, snakes, ask them before entering the section where the reptiles if they want to proceed. Do not force them to go inside the area if they look terrified. Let them decide whether to skip the zone or view it from a distance.

If your kids want to get up close and personal with the reptile but are still hesitant, remind them that there is a staff to guide and keep them safe throughout the activity.

Additionally, since your kids look up to you, be a role model. If you want your children to touch a python, pet it first and show that you are not afraid to do it, even if reptiles give you the creeps.

5. Take a lot of photos

Make sure you keep plenty of souvenirs from your kids’ day at the indoor rainforest by taking plenty of photos.

Try to take as many snapshots as you can of all the activities your children will do. However, follow the rules for picture-taking.

One of these important rules is not using a flash since this can agitate some animals.

The animal encounter at the Green Planet is a must-try activity for all kids. As such, aside from taking them to waterparks in Dubai, bring them to the city’s only indoor rainforest for a fun learning experience. Visit the park more than once, as well, to allow your kids to know more about the various exotic creatures in the world.

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