5 Ways to Recognize the Best Quality Rugs

When to go to the market, there are so many rugs you find but it is the most challenging thing to find the best quality rug. The other thing is to purchase the rug according to your taste. When you find the varieties of the one thing so you confuse about what you should and what you should not?

There are various ways to recognize the best quality of the rugs, but five are the most prominent points you should keep in mind while purchasing the rugs. When you will know how to recognize the quality so you can easily buy the Large Area Rugs spontaneously without wasting time in thinking and evaluating. Please read all the points carefully and keep them in your mind. And you can also click the following link and check out a wide array of high-quality rugs SF.

Knots of the Rugs

Knots of the rugs reflect the pattern, durability, and density. The more considerable the number of knots, the higher the quality of the rugs. The weaves are tight if knots are more whereas, the fewer knots rugs reflect the looser weave. Thus the rug’s life is not long if you use the less knotted rug in the highly traffic area of the home. You can use a fewer knotted rug in the low traffic space of your home to enhance the rug’s life.

A Patterns of the Rugs

There are two types of pattern such as less detailed pattern and detailed pattern. The less detailed pattern does not possess good quality as compared to the detailed pattern. The sharp, clear, and precise design requires more labor whereas the less detailed pattern requires less time and work to create the rugs. The rug’s fine reflects the detailed pattern, so you can easily recognize it and compare it to other rugs.

The Persian rugs are most prominent over the globe because of the quality. These rugs take years to produce because they are hand-woven and made through silk and wool materials. Due to these things, the prices of the Iranian rugs are too high. Not all people can afford it. In 2013, the most expensive rug sold at an auction of $33.8 million.

The traditional techniques of the Iranian rugs reflect the culture of Iran. The pattern, material, design, style, and weaving techniques are finely detailed. Iranian have the art of making rugs. The various varieties of the Persian Area Rugs you can find in the market and online. You can find bold design Gabbeh rugs in southwest Iran.

That’s why it is liked by all the people globally because of the quality and material. The Turkish rugs are also popular globally. The symmetrical structure reflects the Turkish knots through which you become whether the rug is Turkish or not. There are two warps in the Turkish knots. It possesses excellent quality. The design and style of the rug also reflect that it belongs to Turkey.

Softer and Stronger Wool

The Persian possess great importance globally. Many countries such as India, China, and Pakistan import Persian wool and then produce carpets and rugs. It doesn’t matter which country the rug has made, but the wool must be Persian because its quality is far better than others.

In Iran, lots of sheep raise and shear to get the softer and stronger wool from the sheep. If the natural firmer and smoother wool is used to make the rug, the quality is much better than the other country’s wool. Due to the wool’s quality, the Persian rugs are preferred by people globally.

Color Dye of the Rug

There are two kinds of dyes; natural and synthetic. The natural dye is made from natural resources such as animals, plants, fruits, insects, minerals, and other resources whereas synthetic dyes are made from chemical compounds. The synthetic dyes are produced in large quantities.

When we discuss human health, synthetic dyes are harmful to human health. The synthetic dyes contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, benzene, copper, sodium chloride, lead, toluene, and chromium when these poisonous substances are exposed in large quantities in the manufacturing process, it affects human health severely.

The natural dye is expensive rather than synthetic dye. Because the manufacturing process of synthetic dye doesn’t require a high cost. I prefer you to purchase the natural dye Area Rugs for your home because it is not harmful to health.

If you will buy the synthetic rug, it must be a high pigment color because it will not fade soon. The natural dye makes the perfect combination of colors in the design of the rug that fascinates people, such as blue, pink, green, red, and other colors. When the rug at that place where the sunlight directly touches it so fades the rug color soon, don’t place the rug below the direct sunlight.

Pile’s Length of the Rug

You should analyze the height of the rug’s pile. The high or low height reflects the length of the pile. Close inspection is required to find the height of the pile. Through the closer evaluation, you will become aware that each loop is woven on the rug’s back. These tiny loops are called the rug pile. There are three pile types of rugs; high pile, mild, and low pile.

High pile rugs are thicker, and it can’t be washed easily because due to the absorption of water, the weight of the rug increases, and a person can’t lift it easily. You should use the high pile rugs for the fewer traffic areas of the house. The mild pile rug is between the high and low, through which you will get both satisfaction. It is soft and dense as well. The low pile rugs are thinner, so you can use them in the high traffic area. These rugs are soft and easily washable.

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