5 Ways to Use Business Signage Indoor and Outdoor


Businesses over the years have been utilizing signage as one of the traditional methods of promoting their brand. Aside from its primary purpose of marketing the business name, it can also be used to provide people with a glimpse of the philosophy or beliefs your organization lives by. This will help potential customers with their perception of your company which could influence their decision whether to try your product or not.

Another thing to remember is that your outdoor signs are not only fixed to one function which is grabbing the attention of people who happen to walk by your storefront. It can also serve as the basis for locating certain routes, destinations, or landmarks that may not be familiar to many. Moreover, your signage can also help your business outshine the rest of the competitors in the area, especially if you’re established in a very busy district filled with numerous businesses.

What’s even better about the signs is that you can just leave them on the places where they’re exactly left and they’ll just be doing the silent advertising for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week — nonstop. In the case of damage or wear and tear, however, you can rely on a professional sign repair company to guarantee that your signs continue to perform properly. That’s a great advantage on your part since this places a great value for your money and you don’t have to exert the extra mile to spend money on other advertising techniques like handing out flyers or sticking posters publicly. Researchers have found that people are more likely to visit stores and recommend them to others even without having to personally step on their premises because of their signage.

As soon as customers have stepped foot in the shop, customers are guided by the indoor signage to locate the item they’re looking for. Not only that, if the signage is well done, this can also encourage them to be curious about the stuff being sold which can get them persuaded to make impulse purchases. Just like outdoor signage, indoor signs are equally important to satisfy that good purchasing experience and build that impression that your shop could be trusted.

Through this article, you’ll be looking at the numerous ways that you can improve and maximize the functionality of your signage in order to produce results that would even exceed your expectations.

Things to do to ensure effective brand promotion

There are several methods where you can use signage to increase exposure and advertise your brand, along with the changes in technology. There may be numerous improvements or adjustments in the promotional materials, how you utilize them will entirely depend on where you intend to post them. With improvements in the field of printing, more colors are available and are much more vibrant compared to the inks utilized before. Through the help of updated printing technology, the quality of printing the images is now more defined and accurate.

Floor signs

Since the emergence of many gadgets or devices that have resulted in people tending to look down, this is where floor signs work. There are road stickers that can be attached to the floor to guide people to their respective areas. On the other hand, some mats can be utilized to welcome customers, all while keeping the floor free from any dirt and dust.

Backlit signs

Backlit signs are very creative, attractive, and detailed signage that not only promotes your brand but also illuminates a totally dark area. The LED lights attached are emitting off different colors which would easily grab the attention of potential buyers and provide a competitive edge against other businesses in the area.

Window graphics

Want to appeal to potential buyers more quickly? Have your promotional business stickers attached on the outdoor walls of your premises and surely people will turn their heads to check what those stickers say. It is better if there are vibrant colors that are incorporated so that it remains visually appealing despite being read meters away from the walls.

Business banners and standees

Say, you are invited to promote your goods or services in a trade expo, what do you do to get people to try what you offer? You can make use of banners and standees for a more engaging or interactive display that can surely pique the interest of those who visited the expo. In addition, small booths can be the best way to get nearer to customers and hand them a sample of your product to convince them. Your booth should be surrounded by such promotional materials to catch their attention.

Point-of-purchase or point-of-sale display signs

For starters, point-of-purchase displays are those areas in the stores and supermarkets where the customer chooses whether to purchase a particular product and are often surrounded by promotional activities related to the said product. Most of the time these are shelves that are designed according to the appearance of the product and the shelves are filled, still with the same product it promotes. Meanwhile, point-of-sale displays are those groups of the same products located near the cash register. Both have similar goals, to persuade the customer to buy such products but they only differ in the setting. It is important for the display to be colorful and noticeable in order to urge the consumer to buy the product.

Final thoughts

Signage can do more than just market your brand. They can serve as guides or landmarks to locate certain areas and function as the face of the values embodied by the company. For guaranteed signage that would surely attract customers, backlit signs are your guy. So, if you are looking for a sign to have custom-made backlit signs for your business, this is it.

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