6 Reasons why cabo san lucas is a haven for weddings


Choosing a wedding destination may be challenging for couples like you who may have different views about wedding destinations. You may have set your eyes on Cabo San Lucas, but your soon-to-be spouse wants to have it near both your hometowns. Or, he may have said yes to your whim many months ago, but now the wind seems to blow in another direction. If you have run out of words to sway him, here’s what a seasoned cabo san lucas wedding planner says about why this Mexican town is indeed a haven for tying the knot. We hope these will finally help you reach common ground.

The sun, sea, and desert

Cabos San Lucas is all of the sun, sea, and desert. When all three come into play, the fun never stops. The weather is ideal. It is a tropical desert climate. The sea lends itself to guests who love scuba diving. Snorkeling is another adventure that allows closer interaction with colorful marine life. Older guests will enjoy a quiet stroll along the shoreline. And for the young and energetic, the desert dunes offer non-stop fun under the sun. They can ride the ATV with expert guides. It is virtually an ATV excursion on the soft sand or even along the beach.

A bounty of Mexican treats and seafood

Who does not crave for Mexican treats and fresh food from the sea? Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos generally have a lot to offer when it comes to dining. If your taste calls for fine dining, you can proceed to El Farallon or Lorenzillo’s Los Cabos, an excellent lobster house that also serves one of the best seafood pasta. At day time, when you are looking for the fast and cheap fare for a change, visit the Los Claros or Mariscos La Palmita. You may opt for the Tiki Bar and ask for a serving of fish and chips. Cabo San Lucas offers a plethora of food choices. There is practically something to savor for anyone looking for the best in Mexican and seafood fare.

World-class beach wedding and honeymoon venues

When you hear Cabo San Lucas, equate this with world-class wedding destinations. There is a long list of excellent beach resorts in the area – from adults-only to those that accommodate families with kids.

Aside from being an excellent by the beach resort, it is a well-within short distance to other areas where you can go deep-sea fishing. You can embark on a sunset cruise ride, which, by the way, gives you a glimpse of El Arco. If you are looking for a room with views of the sea and a private pool, you can avail of it at the resort at pedregal. Guests who are with family may choose to stay in their beautiful casitas. These two have family-sized pools. There is an option for bigger rooms that goes with a butler at your service. Shuttles from the airport offer convenience. Just notify the resort ahead of time if you wish to transport your guests to the site with ease. The resort is just a little over a mile from Cabo San Lucas, so it is a quick ride from the airport to the resort.

There are a host of other venues like the Esperanza Resort, Chileno Bay Resorts, or the Acre Baja, among others. These are exquisite venues too that offer unique experiences for soon-to-be-married couples and guests alike. But whatever you choose, there will always be a haven that is a good match for your taste and budget.

Breathtaking views of land and sea

Cabo San Lucas personifies beauty. The Baja California peninsula is where you will find the stretch of desert that goes as far as the eye can see. It is also famous for the El Arco de Cabo San Lucas – a natural formation of rocks that resembles an arch. When the sun sets, the Arco and its surroundings exude a remarkable view that remains unmatched. It is a splendid backdrop for wedding photoshoots. What could be more spell-binding than a limitless view of the light blue sea? It is so warm and inviting that you will want to take a dip in the morning when the sun’s warmth is just right.

You can party into the night

If you are both a night person and would love to cap the day with festivities, Cabo San Lucas is full of life even way after sundown. Drop by Happy Ending Cantina or Sanchos Bar – a sports bar and grill. It is one of the more popular bars on this side of town. A line of bars remains open for guests who would like to dance the night away. Do not leave your dancing shoes. It is going to be a night of music and revelry.

Travel is easy and inexpensive

You will reach this Mexican haven in four hours or less. If you are coming from the West Coast, it may even take you two hours of a plane ride. Aside from a very short commute compared with other destinations (which may take more than half a day), there are package deals that offer reasonably priced fares. Your guests would not mind shelling out a few dollars in exchange for a destination that promises more than attending a wedding. They will look forward to a day or two of basking under the sun, a walking along the beach, and pure relaxation amid grand views.

Having a dream wedding in any of Cabo San Lucas haven resorts is nothing quite impossible if you set your heart into it. Claim it!

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