A List of Three Leading Doggy Daycares in Kew, London


Among the lush greenery and botanical landscapes of Kew, London, a world of doggy daycare centres waits to be discovered. Here, within this scenic locale, you will find a vibrant network of passionate dog lovers and seasoned professionals ready to cater to the needs of your beloved canine. Carefully designed spaces, engaging activities and compassionate care are the norms at these centres, ensuring your pet is not just cared for but truly cherished.

Kew’s doggy daycare centres hold the promise of an adventure-filled day for your four-legged friends, filled with energetic playtimes, relaxing naps, and sociable interactions. These centres understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle for pets, ensuring their physical, social, and emotional needs are met even when you are busy at work or away for the day.

The Top Three Doggy Daycare Centres in Kew

1. 84 Acres Canine Country Club

84 Acres Canine Country Club

Experience luxury at its finest with 84 Acres Canine Country Club. Known for its exceptional pet care services, this doggy daycare in Kew provides a home-away-from-home experience for your pet. Their grand manor location near Farnborough, situated within a sprawling 84-acre estate, makes for an inviting space where dogs can run around and play to their heart’s content.

84 Acres’ services are not just confined to daycare. With convenient collection and drop-off times, your dog would not have to endure excessive alone time, even if you happen to be working late. Their pricing is reasonable and competitive, starting from just £35 a day. This makes it an affordable option for pet owners who do not want to compromise on the quality of care for their furry companions. Other than that, the country club uses state-of-the-art vans for pet transport, ensuring the comfort and safety of your pet during transit. Each dog has its own individual crate, a rare policy amongst pet care services that makes 84 Acres stand out.

Moreover, their two-step enrolment process via their website and dog enrolment form ensures that every pet’s needs are recorded and catered to. As a result, it is no wonder that they have been bestowed with the highest rating by the local authority, reinforcing their commitment to the pets and their owners.

2. Kew Dogs

Kew Dogs

Stepping onto the scene is Kew Dogs, an organisation that has firmly rooted itself in the hearts of pet owners across Kew. This daycare promises to keep your dogs entertained and safe. Their well-trained team excels at recognising individual dog behaviour, managing group dynamics, and ensuring every dog gets the right amount of play, rest, and care.

Kew Dogs believes in creating a homely environment for the dogs to thrive. They maintain small groups, allowing them to deliver personalised care. Dogs are also free to lounge in the indoor play areas or the secure outdoor garden. Their prices are available on request, ensuring a tailored approach to every pet owner’s needs.

3. Bruce’s Doggy Day Care

Bruce’s Doggy Day Care

Coming up next is Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, which is a place where the fun never ends and tails keep wagging. They provide acres of private countryside for dogs to safely explore and play, making their doggy daycare experience a daily holiday. Bruce’s offers two stunning locations, with one of them conveniently located close to Kew.

Offering a home away from home, Bruce’s ensures dogs are given plenty of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. They provide luxury, air-conditioned vehicles for pickup and drop-off services, ensuring dogs travel in absolute comfort. While their pricing is available upon enquiry, their reputation in the community speaks volumes about their commitment to affordable, high-quality care.

The Bottom Line

In Kew, your furry friend is never far from a fun-filled day at a doggy daycare. From frolicking freely in vast outdoor spaces to cosy indoor snuggles, your pet is guaranteed an enriching experience at any of these centres.

So while you are away, let your pet indulge in a day of carefree canine capers and return home to you happier and healthier!

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