Bad Driving Habits People Still Ignores


Driving safely is everyone’s duty as a driver; whether they’re beginners or professionals with years of experience. Yet, from the time we start learning to drive, we slowly forget the major dos and don’ts of driving and become more of a careless driver. Now, this might not be everyone’s situation, but most of us have surely adopted some bad driving habits. And as a matter of fact, most of the bad drivers don’t even notice such bad habits and keep on ignoring them while considering them normal. But that’s also a major reason that causes most of the car accidents that take place nowadays. 

We’ve all heard of plenty of car accidents taking place every year, and it’s no surprise that most are caused due to bad driving habits. At a time like this, to perform your responsibilities as a citizen right, it’s important to understand the worst driving habits that we ignore and eliminate them responsibly. Just in case you aren’t aware of what these habits might be, we’ll explain the most common ones for you. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s discover some such habits below.

Ignoring the blind spots

When you take a driving test, the first lesson you go through is to check and adjust the mirrors and blind spots in the car. Yet, after being done with the test, most lose their habit of checking blind spots; since there’s no instructor to make them do so. But it only takes a few seconds, so considering its importance, keeping a check on the blind spots doesn’t hurt much, right? That is why it’s always better to keep it in practice

Poor steering wheel control

If you’ve been through a driving test, you’ll be very well aware of the ’10 to 2’ hand position, which is highly important to control the steering wheel appropriately. Although, if you don’t know it’s importance; then you can consider driving with both hands a great way to control the car easily. Yet, according to the recent studies; most of the new drivers start controlling the steering wheel with just one hand – almost five weeks after they’ve passed their driving test. Now I don’t have to explain how single-handedly controlling the steering wheel can cause less control over the car and more chances of accidents, right? So instead, it’s better to drive slowly while controlling the steering wheel with both hands.

Not indicating

bad driving habit

Now as much as this bad driving habit causes great chances of facing car accidents, it still is ignored by drivers most of the time due to the fact that not indicating isn’t considered illegal. But still, lack of indicating is highly irresponsible when it comes to driving, as other cars and motor drivers cannot be sure of when you’ll be turning your vehicle; causing accidents most of the time. That is why indicating other vehicle drivers about your intentions of moving helps a lot in reducing the chances of an accident. 

Although even when you are driving responsibly, it is not unusual to be on the road with drivers who aren’t which can still cause accidents most of the time. And at times like this, when you face accidents in a state as big as California, you’re more likely to be tricked out of receiving a personal injury claim easily. 

If ever involved in such an accident, if you are able to move, it is advised to gather as much evidence as you possibly can. As stated on, proving liability is of utmost importance, especially if someone was injured in the accident. Understandably, there is no better way to ensure it by providing comprehensive evidence. Make sure to get names, pictures, police reports, and appropriate information of everyone involved. 

Driving with low fuel

Normally we consider low fuel to be normal and filling it back up on the very dead end. The main reason for this is because often people consider following the common myth; that low fuel equals less weight of the car, resulting in more distance covered by the car without the need of refilling it again for long. But the reality is the other way around, as you can never be sure when the car might go out of fuel; resulting in a more dangerous situation. Now to avoid this, it’s better to refill fuel immediately when the fuel light comes on or the fuel tank is below a quarter.

Not keeping a distance

Often when you’re driving close to other vehicles, there are great chances of facing an accident when the car in front might come to a stop suddenly. Normally people don’t consider it a huge problem and keep following this bad habit by ignoring the consequences. But because you can never really be sure when an accident might occur, it’s better to keep your distance from other vehicles and drive carefully.

Driving carefully and responsibly doesn’t cost us anything, but ignoring the major rules of driving and proceeding carelessly can surely result in sudden accidents. And so, only if you manage to stop ignoring some bad driving habits is when you can avail safer driving experiences.

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