Incredible Real-Life Hybrid Animals

Incredible Real-Life Hybrid Animals

Cross-breeding different kinds of dogs is very popular. But have you ever thought of crossing a tiger and a lion? That’s quite difficult to imagine, right? But it’s possible. Well, other than that, there are more unusual real-life hybrid animals. They are not normally seen in the wild because the young produced … Read more

How Many Time Zones Are There?

How Many Time Zones Are There

A time zone is an area or stretch of land that observes a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. It is used to mark the hours of the day in different locations. Time zones are needed because people in different places experience the hour at different times of the … Read more

10 Biggest Freshwater Fish in the World

10 Biggest Freshwater Fish in the World

The size of fish varies depending on different aspects such as location, climate, food supply, environment, and presence of fishermen. The ocean is known as the habitat of the biggest species of fish while their counterparts which live in freshwater are normally much smaller than them. But did you know that not … Read more

Can It Really Rain Cats and Dogs?

Can It Really Rain Cats and Dogs

When somebody tells you, it’s raining cats and dogs, of course it does not mean cats and dogs are literally falling from the sky. You don’t have to panic. It just basically means it’s raining very hard (you might step on a poodle!). Though raining cats and dogs is an odd thing … Read more

What the Heck is Déjà vu Exactly?

What the Heck is Déjà vu Exactly

Have you ever been in a situation where things seemed to be familiar? For instance, you’re in a middle of a conversation with someone when suddenly it feels like you’ve had that conversation before. Or it’s your first time to visit a certain place but there’s an eerie feeling of familiarity that … Read more

Amazing Rain Forest Creatures

Amazing Rain Forest Creatures

A rain forest is a tall, dense jungle. It is called a “rain forest” because of the high amount of rainfall it gets in a year. The climate in a rain forest is hot and humid that’s why the animals and plants that live here should be adaptive. Just like any other … Read more

Is Blood Blue?

Is Blood Blue

There are a lot of myths about the human body which are sometimes difficult to imagine. Some of them just came from some misconceptions of other people and passed on to others. It is sometimes amusing to think that some people believe certain myths even though there are no proof or evidence … Read more

Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena

Cities in the Sky

Science can clarify and prove a lot of things that are happening on Earth. It is our ultimate tool whenever we have questions about our natural world. However, we sometimes run into events that even science can’t explain. Here are some of the strange phenomena that remained unsolved. 1. Bloody Sky The … Read more

Crazy Wacky True Stories of People Who Never Sleep

Crazy Wacky True Stories of People Who Never Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is important because it plays a major role in our physical health such as healing and repairing our heart, blood vessels, and overall body regeneration. It is as important as eating healthy and exercising. You can read more articles about sleep on Although sometimes we experience sleeplessness … Read more