Choosing a Web Host for Your Business: Top 3 Resources


Starting a website for your business can feel like a daunting task. There are just too many technicalities involved, and you feel overwhelmed with all of the options in front of you. And then, once you feel you’re starting to get it, you fall into the hole of deciding the fastest web host provider you need for your website.

How do you choose the best web host? SSL, SSD, VPS, PHP, MySQL – What’s up with all of the capital letters? What does a Web Host even mean?

If you’re just getting started with your online business, here are the top 3 resources to walk you, step by step, into choosing the plan that’s just right for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1- WP-Tweaks

If you’ve ever felt confused about the true value of the deals, prices, and plans that web hosting services offer, and you don’t really want these offers translate into in practical life, WP-Tweaks has got you covered. Through scouting into the hidden caves and intricate loops of the web, WP-Tweaks will do the research for you. When all of research is done, they prepare a standardized list of prices that every web host service offers, so you can be able to compare two equal values without any confusion or tricks. After offering you with their research of the latest deals and prices, they provide you with tons of resources in their Web Hosting and WordPress tutorials, so you can rest assured you’ll never get lost. And in case you do, they still got your back.

How WP-Tweaks Can Help You:

Hosting Coupons

In their hosting coupons lists, WP Tweaks went through intensive research and gathered it in one place for you. With everything included in the plans explained: from Shared Hosting to WordPress Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers, you will also find the latest offers and coupons promoted on each one of the plans every web hosting service offers. When you’ve found your match, they also provide you with a tutorial to set everything up.

Cheapest Hosting

In a collective overview on the yearly plans of web hosting, you’ll find the cheapest web hosting deals all in one place at WP-Tweaks. If you have a specific preference for a web host, you can also find discount coupons on wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

Hosting Reviews

Going through the web hosts’ prices, features, and customer satisfaction, there’s a comprehensive list of hosting reviews all ready for you.

Hosting Comparison

Understanding everything about a web host from the reviews is great, but even better, you can find comparisons between all of the services. In their words, this helps you compare apple to apple.

Tutorials Blog

So you got all of the information and you’re ready to get started? With the help of their tutorials of how to set up everything, step by step, you can never get lost.

2- calls on 54 years of experience to provide you with all the ins and outs of web hosting services, information, and advice. They pride themselves on being Techy, Straight-forward, and Thorough, so every bit of information they give you has a direct and practical impact in building your experience about web hosting. With the help of a team full of experts, they offer you everything you need to know about web hosting: starting from the basics, and all way up to detailed hosting reviews.

How Can Help You:

Hosting Basics

Starting from the basics of what web hosting means, and stepping up all way from being a beginner to building your own website yourself, the Hosting Basics provide you with a 6-level tutorial about everything you need to know about web hosting.

Hosting How-To’s

Walking into the practical life of setting up the website, their Hosting How-To’s cover every topic and every obstacle you might face on your journey.

Hosting Blog

Ever wondered what goes around in the minds of those genius web experts? If you did, you can sneak a peek into their blog!

Hosting Reviews

Hosting advice wouldn’t be complete without their experts’ reviews about different web hosting services. You can go through their reviews to compare web hosts in categories: the overall best, by features, by framework, by operating system, and even by language.

3- Web Hosting Secrets Revealed

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed made it their mission to educate their audience about everything they need to know to build and host their own websites. After being in business for 11 whole years, they now cover more than 100 brands in reviews, interviews, and comparisons, to provide their readers with the most up-to-date information sources. When you go through their website, you can find comprehensive guides to help you choose the best host for your business, marketing research data analysis, different resources to help you build, host, and develop your website, and a variety of tools to gather information.

How Web Hosting Secrets Revealed Can Help You:

Best Web Hosting Reviews

Doing their own reviews on web hosting services too, you can find a quick overview of the different plans to compare by storage, transfer, control, price, trial days, coupons available, and rating. If you feel overwhelmed, you can check their unbiased top 10 picks that they made specially for you.

In-Depth Reviews of Most Popular Brands

They’ve taken their reviews a step further, where you’ll find up-to-date in-depth reviews about the most popular brands in the market.

WHSR Blog and Guides

Their blog acts as a guide for all starting and advanced web developers alike, meanwhile giving you insights and creative ideas to run your business.


One of their most unique features is the tools they provide you with to gather information about your website performance. You can use their UpTime Checker to check if your website is really down, their Web Host Spy if you’re curious about the host of a certain website, or their Web Host Comparison to compare up to 3 hosts to each other.

Getting Started With Your Website

Starting your own business is as difficult and daunting as it is, but don’t let all of the jargon you find when you try to open any web hosts intimidate you. The experts behind these resources took it upon themselves to guide you, step by step, through every tiny little detail you need to get your website up and running, ensuring maximum performance. You have a lot of homework you need to do, so come on. Let’s get your website ready!

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