Cricket betting in India

If you are into history, you probably know that India was the most profitable British colony in the 19th century. In 1867, a law was passed banning all forms of betting, meaning that betting and other forms of gambling were completely banned. The law is still in force today, but it does not say a word about cricket online betting and other forms of online betting. Therefore, bookmakers are using this gap in the law to offer their services to Indian citizens.

The most popular sport in this country is cricket and it leads to an audience of millions of fans. Next in popularity are field hockey, football, tennis, and kabaddi. And this country has a population of over one billion and three hundred million people.

The Central Bank of India tried its best to limit transfers to companies related to cricket betting sites, but it did not succeed, because existing e-wallets are not controlled by the state. And people who have enough money easily bet on any sports and almost legally.

As online cricket betting is extremely popular, people are trying to find a good bookmaker company that will help you to earn money and have fun while betting and observing cricket. Also, cricket betting sites provide you with essential information about cricket and how to bet properly by telling you about cricket betting odds and different cricket betting tips. Let’s take a look at them in more detail at!

Best cricket betting sites


British bookmaker Bet365 was founded in 1974. By the end of the 1990s, the company was already among the world leaders in the field. In 2001, the Bet365 website appeared. In recent years, the company has been repeatedly recognized as the best bookmaker in the world according to various versions.

Bet365 online cricket betting is considered the best in the world. It contains hundreds of different cricket tournaments to bet on. This bookmaker company is also one of the best for cricket betting as it provides a player with special odds and bonuses while betting and withdrawing money. Bet365 gives you the possibility to bet on live cricket matches. This is an awesome thing that only Bet365 can give!  During this time I’ve been pleasantly surprised by online providers, but can’t wait to hit a real blackjack table again. Double down or nothing.


1xbet bookmaker provides new players with an interesting bonus of up to 10,000 rupees. It is credited to the first deposit and after wagering can be used for betting on the site. Regular players can also count on interesting rewards being constantly updated.

1xbet will appeal to cricket lovers. Thousands of cricket events from different parts of the world are available for sports betting fans. If users are looking for cricket games where a team from India participates, it’s easy to do. There are such events on the 1xbet website, which makes it extremely popular in India.


Karamba has been offering sports betting for Indian players since 2005. Using one click, register an account for betting in the browser or through the Karamba app. Regulated by four different bodies, it is clear that Karamba is a legal and safe place for Indian players.

The odds calculator and a reliable cricket betting site make Karamba a safe cricket betting site and other sports. As for the chances, they are in an acceptable range that offers Indian players good deals.

Karamba is also known for its VIP program, offering additional money bonuses in exchange for loyalty points that are awarded every time you place a bet.

Cricket betting tips and odds

The best cricket forecasters have a real flair for valuable cricket betting odds and tips mainly by forming their unique betting strategy. There are several approaches to analyzing a match, regardless of its format. Let’s highlight the 5 main factors to consider when choosing a cricket bet.

Draw results. In cricket, the attacking turn is determined by simply flipping a coin. This procedure has a big impact on the result of the encounter.

The team that attacks first in a Test match often gains an advantage, as it runs its first attack on a fresh pitch with a new ball (in cricket, they don’t change balls at the slightest sign of wear and tear like in baseball, doing so only after 80 overs).

The batsman, for example, finds it easier to bounce the ball after it bounces off a flat, unworn area of the pitch. Therefore, the attacking first team has more opportunities to kick off and seize the initiative in the game. This is one of the reasons why some cricket betting pros like to play the in-play game, waiting for the outcome of the opening draw and thus eliminating one of the uncontrollable factors.

Weather conditions. Hardly a sport more dependent on external conditions than cricket. Weather can have a major impact on a Test match, especially its duration (cricket is not played in the rain), so a player should always check the weather forecast before placing cricket bets.

If rain is promised, the importance of the draw increases dramatically with the shortened playing time. In England, you’re likely to encounter rain during a 5-day Test match, in which case you should think carefully about how much playing time will be lost.

In some countries, the sun sets earlier than in others, and there is not much possibility of replenishing playing time (Test matches are played in natural light only). Somewhere in Sri Lanka, there may not be enough daylight to make up for hours lost to rain, whereas in England the sun sets late and teams may well still be on the pitch at 8 pm.

Form of teams and players. The factor of how well the teams are performing during the match should not be neglected. If a home team wins the first game in a big series, it is not uncommon for it to roll over the next opponents, and for the visitors to fall into the black on unfamiliar foreign pitching.

In betting on the stats of individual players, the predisposition of an athlete to the current playing conditions, his past form on a particular type of pitching, can be decisive. Also, a good batsman can show stellar form not only on his favorite pitch but also if that coverage is extremely uncomfortable for the opposing team. One should try to add up all the factors and not forget that there are two teams on the pitch, each with their characteristics of attacking and defending play.

That is not all, there are a lot of tips and odds that you can use in cricket betting. Online cricket betting is a big field where you can find a lot of interesting things. So try yourself!