Different Ways to Consume Cannabis


With the recent legalization of cannabis in many parts of the country, it is becoming more and more popular for people to use it. While some do it to relax, others may do it to deal with pain, to reduce inflammation, or even reduce anxiety.

When many people think of using marijuana, they think about smoking it. However, there are actually many different ways that it can be consumed. Whether you prefer oil, edibles, or even live resin diamonds, this guide is going to go over some of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, outside of simply smoking it.



One method that is growing incredibly popular is vaping. Vaping essentially heats up the cannabis (generally in oil form) so that a vapor is produced that is then inhaled. It is a very discreet way to consume, as it often gives off little scent and most vapes are quite small and can easily be kept in a pocket or bag.

It is often kinder to your lungs than smoking, and comes in many different flavors, potencies, and types. There are many different vaping devices (such as smaller pens, and much larger rigs) and brands out there, and no matter what sort of strain you like to consume, there is a good chance you can find it in vape oil form.

It can be a little more expensive, but many people are willing to pay for the convenience, the simplicity, and the discretion.


If you live somewhere that doesn’t allow you to smoke or vape (such as a rented apartment or other community), or simply don’t feel comfortable smoking or vaping, another great option is to take edibles.

There are many types of edibles that range from brownies, to butter, to gummies, to beverages, and many others. They are essentially cannabis-infused food and drink, which can either be purchased from legal dispensaries, or even made on your own in some cases. The potency of the edible depends on how much cannabis it contains, so always look closely at dosages and consider your tolerance before making or purchasing any.

In addition to traditional edibles, there are also capsules and tinctures that can be consumed, too. Edibles are becoming a huge market and there are even cannabis cookbooks out there with delicious medicated recipes for you to try.


If you are an experienced user and looking for the most THC, you might consider dabbing. Dabs are essentially highly concentrated cannabis that can often be around four times more potent than a traditional joint. These are created by adding butane to mairjuana, and this extracts the THC from the plant, leaving a sticky wax that is very high in THC. These dabs are then heated to extremely hot temperatures and vaporized, and this vapor is then inhaled by consumers.

It can provide very strong effects, and can often be far too intense for new users, so be careful if you decide to dab, and always stick within your limits. There are different ways to dab, but it often includes a dabbing rig of some kind, and many people enjoy the process or ritual of dabbing as much as the cannabis itself.

While many people simply default to smoking, we hope that this guide has helped you learn about some of the various other ways that you can consume cannabis.

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