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The United States has more than its fair share of beautiful states and cities within them. But going up south, things just get a bit more gorgeous, all the way up to South Carolina to be specific. To get even more specific, Charleston, SC, is probably one of the most interesting towns you could visit in the country, and definitely the coolest up south. Charleston happens to also be the oldest city in South Carolina, and one of the oldest in the country. There’s just a certain aesthetic to the city, with its harbors and water.

These are some of the things you might not know about Charleston.

The Charleston Harbor Is Quite Long

The harbor extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, for a distance of 7 miles, and is surrounded by Sullivan’s Island and Morris Island.

It’s Quite Friendly

Charleston is known for more than its beautiful weather, superb architecture, and breathtaking scenery. The city has a reputation for being one of the friendliest towns in the US, and it has even won the title “America’s Friendliest City” by several travel magazines over the years. The people of Charleston are known to be hospitable and polite, which has contributed to the city being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA.

Has Major Historic Significance

One of the earliest British settlements in the continent, Charleston has always played a major role in the US history throughout the years. Charleston Harbor is also home to Fort Sumter, which is believed to have witnessed the first shots of the American Civil War. The harbor also witnessed the first successful submarine attack in history back in 1864.

There Are Countless Things To Do

What’s cool about Charleston is, although it’s not the most crowded place in the country, there are plenty of fun and cool activities to do in the country.

  • For The History Buffs

due to the city’s major historical significance, it’s home to plenty of museums and significant historical buildings. Some of the attractions include the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, which is home to USS Yorktown –– who’d seen some action during WWII –– and other cold war and Vietnam War remnants. You can also check The Charleston Museum, which is the first museums built in the United States! Charleston is home to dozens of other important landmarks and museums that would sure any history buff.

  • For The Nature Lovers

You haven’t really explored the place till you’ve had a harbor tour in Charleston. Now that experience is what you’ll need to really experience the beauty of the city. Forget seeing the battle sites from land; this is how you go them smack right in the middle of the sea to watch where all the action happened. The tours also include stops at restaurants and breweries along the harbor to make the most out of your harbor tour. You’re basically having a luxurious cruise, but on a smaller scale. Plus, forget all that; you’d be in the middle of the sea. What can be more beautiful than that?

  • Fans Of The City Would Definitely Be Pleased

There’s more to Charleston than the harbor or the museums. The city is a cosmopolitan in the heart of the south, one which you’ll definitely enjoy exploring. Expect to walk in magnificent streets amidst some wonderful architecture. You’ll probably stumble upon some cool local vendors along your way, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the city market, where you’ll find anything you could ask for. Nighttime is something else, however. There are numerous bars, clubs, restaurants to spend your evening, and they all cater to a variety of different tastes. So, whether you’re a party all night kind of person, or a chill in a relaxed elegant restaurant for the evening type, either way you’ll find what you want in the streets of the city.

  • Water Activities

Just because you got a tour in the harbor doesn’t mean you’re done with water. Being a coastal city, there are dozens of water activities you could. You could go fishing and enjoy a quiet, relaxing afternoon on the harbor. If you’re more into the adventure part of the journey, you could go always go sailing or kayaking, or any other water sport. In short, if you give it enough time, the harbor could take up most of your journey, and you still wouldn’t have done everything to be done there.

Give Charleston Enough Time

Odds are, once you reach the city and spend some time in it, you’ll never want to leave. There is something about the calm vibes and relaxing ambience –– not to mention friendly people –– that makes visitors relish their time in Charleston. Whether it’s the harbor and its inherent beauty or the city and its numerous activities, Charleston is a stop that you’ll want to give enough time. You’ll need it to absorb everything in and do all you can in this little gem of a city.


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