Essential Tips for Wearing and Selecting Loafer Shoes for Women

Some shoe types, in addition to the popular loafer, never stay out of fashion. Loafers are a classic and fashionable shoe type that anybody can adorn on casual and formal occasions. If you like composure and elegance, loafer shoes for women might be the only thing you require! Regardless of its effortless style, the loafer is a unique item, ideal for enhancing an outfit. Furthermore, loafers can be worn on formal and casual occasions, making them greatly versatile.

Even though loafers are not regarded as formal footwear, they are not completely casual. Indeed, loafers are a mix of both, and based on the material, they can either be kept in the casual or formal category. Leather loafers are normally a formal option and will embellish any outfit.

Although the huge styling prospect loafers involve, they are generally overlooked. There are various styling possibilities that loafers include. In this post, we will explore many things about women’s loafers.

Loafer Shoes with Jeans

Loafer shoes for women and jeans make a casual, so far classy attire. Indeed, one of the trends is mixing black chunky loafers with high-waisted jeans!

As jeans are offered in different styles and shapes, this will make diverse attires. For getting casual jeans and a loafer appearance, regular-fit jeans, straight-leg jeans, or baggy jeans, like Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. Ideal tops will be blouses, T-shirts, or jumpers.

If you like sophisticated beauty, you should go for cigarette jeans or straight-leg jeans. A traditional combination will be wearing a blouse and covering it with a jumper vest.

When you style jeans with loafers, ensure that you pick a pair of jeans that finishes at the ankle. If your jeans go over your ankles, they will hide your loafers, which may seem a bit unusual.

Women’s Loafer Shoes with a Skirt

Loafer shoes for women matched to a skirt make an extraordinary, and classy appearance. For a beautiful appearance, a flared skirt, A-line skirt, or pleated skirt will look intense, specifically when mixed with a sweater or blouse. An extended flowy skirt worn with loafers makes a timeless and stylish attire. To give edginess to your look, test diverse skirt patterns, like polka dot or checkered. Furthermore, if you are putting on tights with your clothes, they will definitely make a difference. Fishnet tights, for instance, can offer some additional edge and are the best for individuals who like to add some sass to their outfits. 

Wearing Loafers with a Dress

Loafer shoes for women add an amazing sparkle of elegance to a dress. Moreover, with dresses, we are required to be choosy with the length. Maxi dresses may not be perfect because they hide the loafer. After all, that doesn’t mean the match would not work. If you like to wear a maxi dress, we suggest you go for something bouncy and flowy. Midi and short dresses, additionally, are a better option as these will not conceal your loafers. Be cheerful with your attire and try different colors and patterns of your loafers! If you are not sure about the color match, use neutral shades, like black, beige, or grey. An exclusive shoe color that will come out is white. White loafer shoes are an eye-attractor; the more powerful the contrast, the more attention they will get.

Loafer Shoes with a Blazer

Even if it is smart casual that you are looking for, or maybe you only like blazers, the loafer shoes for women are essentially the best option of footwear for this attire! Tassel or ridge loafers or horse-bit loafers are the best choice if you wish to get a smart casual appearance with an additional flair of jazziness. The best thing regarding this ensemble is you cannot actually go wrong when mixing loafer shoes with a blazer. If you like to wear a work outfit, we suggest wearing it with a pair of shiny leather loafers. Additionally, if you are not sure of what color loafers to choose, the best bet is black. Black loafers are adaptable and will appear effective with any attire. Do not let this bother you from mixing bright-colored loafer footwear. If you consider a matching color combination between your blazer and loafers, you got yourself a polished outfit!

Women’s Loafers with a Suit

Undoubtedly, loafer shoes for women also make a good combination with a suit! Matching loafers with a suit develops more of a casual attire than a formal one. We suggest you be careful with the fit and color of the suit. Keep in mind to mix your loafers with the color of your pants, or you will disturb the harmony of the attire. Further, the loafers will admire the suit more if you put on a slim-fit suit. If you are putting on a bulky suit, then match it with chunkier loafers; in this way, your footwear will be easily visible and go with your clothes.

Styling Loafers with Socks

Can loafers be styled with or without socks? Socks are a choice when putting on loafers and can essentially be the better alternative throughout the cold season. Not to state, it stops sweaty feet. You may wish to fix to neutral colors, like black or white socks, as they are simple to pull off. That does not mean you cannot try fun patterns or intense colors; after all, they need more effort when mixing them with any outfit.

How to Pick an Ideal Pair of Loafer Shoes for Women?

Find Out Your Requirements

Initially, find out the key reason for buying your loafers. Is it for a special occasion, daily wear, or work? Your requirements will lead to your selection.

Invest in a Quality Pair

Buying a quality pair of loafer shoes for women is always a good thought. They will not only be long-lasting but will also offer increased comfort.

Try Before Buying

If you are buying from an online store, make sure you check the size and exchange if the wrong size is delivered. Or, in a physical store, you can walk in the loafers. Fit is essential for comfort!

Stay Authentic to Your Style

Finally, loafers come in different styles and colors. So, it is important to select a style that goes with your aesthetic appeal.


Loafer shoes for women are further than a shoe – they are a statement of style. Even if you are dressing up for an important occasion or running chores, an appropriate pair of loafers can enhance your attire and offer you an ultimate touch of beauty and flair.