Most Famous Female Pop Artists of the ‘70s

Several musical genres became popular in the 1970s, that is why it is worth considering that the most notable female…

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Why Women in their 30s Should Invest More in Skin Care

When Aviva Insurance conducted a survey about the best time in a person’s life, the majority of the 2000 participants…

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The Female Equality Movement in Entertainment

While the Hollywood scene continually releases blockbuster hits with strong female characters in the lead role, the reality of female…

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8 Reasons Why Women Should Use Vibrators

If you own a vibrator or are considering buying one, you should not miss using it regularly. Using bellesa vibrators…

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4 Short Hairstyles For Women To Try In 2019

From 2018’s no-fuss wash-and-wear hairstyle, 2019 is taking hairstyles up a notch. Say aloha to shaggy layers, straight fringe and…

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Why women divorce a good man

Divorce in the modern world has long become a commonplace, many marriages fall apart annually. Nevertheless, despite this popularity, divorce…

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The Top 10 Tips Every Woman Should Know When She Starts Crossfit

CrossFit, for many, is all about developing strength, getting in shape and losing weight. Whereas some people already have the…

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