Few Data-Driven Cricket Betting Tips


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some data-driven tips to help you make a cricket betting strategy. There are plenty of great sites that will provide insights into how the game works, but what good is all this information without a way to turn it into a profitable bet?

Don’t Go For Favourites!

One tip is to bet on matches where there’s no clear favorite; this cricket betting strategy has been shown countless times over by experts and amateur punters alike, so when you have two evenly matched sides, it can be worth taking advantage of what bookmakers believe is an even match-up by placing your bets elsewhere.

For example, one article online shows how different oddsmakers rank each team for upcoming international games depending on their performance in previous tournaments against other teams.

Does Experience Matter?

Another tip is to bet on more experienced players, mainly when they are playing at home. There’s nothing new about this cricket betting strategy, and it makes perfect sense.

Professional athletes spend years practicing their game in specific conditions, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t trust them over some of the younger opponents who haven’t had the same opportunities to hone their skills under similar circumstances.

This article online shows that cricketers perform better if they’re playing in front of a familiar crowd and how much experience matters compared to the age when deciding which player might be most likely to succeed next time around.

In this blog post, we’ll give you few strategies that can help increase your chances of winning.

Major Strategies: 

– The first tip is to bet after a player has scored 100 runs. This article online shows that players who have already reached this milestone are 20% more likely to achieve another 50 or more in their next innings than before reaching the century mark.

– The second tip is to bet on players coming off an innings where they didn’t score as many runs as their batting average would suggest.

It’s a fairly common practice for teams and newspapers alike to list the top batsmen in terms of standards, but this doesn’t consider how often those players fail or succeed when it matters.

This article provides excellent insight into which players over-perform compared to their career averages and some under-performers that might be worth considering next time you place your bet.

– The third tip is finding matches where there have been consistent weather problems in recent months.

This cricket wiki page shows which teams have played most games under certain conditions over a set period, including those affected by rain delays or high winds, which tend to make winning difficult.

You can also find out the best big bash betting tips online!

– The fourth tip is to look for teams with a strong batting lineup, mainly playing at home. This article shows that groups with a higher number of batters who average more than 30 runs per innings (in other words, good players) tend to perform better in the game overall.

– This tip is to bet on captains who make many tactical changes during the match; this article shows that players with more than one demerit point (where umpires award these points for breaching specific rules) tend not only to get themselves into trouble but also their teammates.

So it can be worth looking out for these sorts of distractions when deciding where your money might best be spent.

– The next tip is to look for matches involving younger players, particularly those playing in front of home crowds. The hasilskor website provides up-to-the-minute information on sporting events, such as results and standings. They’re frequently updated in real time, too.

This has been shown repeatedly as a cricket betting strategy because young sportspeople have had less chance within their careers to see what works under different circumstances, so they’re often at greater risk of making decisions based on impulse rather than experience.

Most Important?

Another tip is to back bowlers who have dismissed particular batters more times than others. If there’s one thing we know about cricket betting strategy, it’s that form isn’t everything, and your chances of winning can increase dramatically if you bet on the less likely player.

For example, one article lists all of the bowlers with more than 20 wickets and their average numbers against different batsmen types such as left-handers or right-handers.

Suppose a bowler has taken an unprecedented number of players’ doors compared to his averages. In that case, it might be worth considering betting that he’ll do the same again next time around.


In conclusion, cricket is a tricky sport to bet on because there are so many different elements that affect the outcome of each match, and it can be challenging to know which ones might make all the difference.

However, if you follow these ten tips, we’ll hopefully see you at next year’s World Cup with an even bigger bank balance than when we left!

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