Foods to Help You Sleep: Healpful Recommendations


You are having sleeping problem, right? Around two in every five people are facing insomnia, which is really a matter of worry. You can change your diet, which is a natural way to experience you better sleep. You will get these foods to help you sleep and provide you with a healthy lifestyle.

While choosing your food items, be sure that those foods are containing Vitamin 6, B12 and folic acid to have a healthy sleep. Ignore those foods which will calm your body and will increase serotonin level – these items will give you restful sleep.

Here are Some Recommendations That You can have


Having complex carbohydrate helps you to sleep peacefully. Complex carbohydrate means pasta, bread, brown rice, crackers etc. Ignore simple carbohydrates like cookies, pastries and other sugary items. They do not provide enough serotonin level, and you will not have a peaceful sleep for the whole night.

Lean Proteins

Low-fat cheese, chicken, fish are contained with lean protein. You will get a high amount of amino acid tryptophan in these foods, which increase your serotonin levels. But just keep in mind that you need to ignore high-fat cheese, chicken wings and also the deep fish fry. These type of foods cannot be digested easily, and you will feel not well while sleeping.

Healthy Fats

Unsaturated foods will help to increase your serotonin levels and will keep your heart healthier. Unsaturated foods like peanut butter, but before buying it read the labelling and make sure that only ingredients are used there is peanut only. Other types of nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts etc. Avoid foods like French fries, potato chips – high quantity fats are used in these items. These items will decrease the serotonin level of your body, and you will feel heavy.


A certain amount of drinking water can promote or prevent your sleeping condition. Experts suggest that soothing beverages before your bedtime will warm your body, and you will have a good night sleep. Warm beverages can be warm milk, masala tea, or lemon water. But don’t drink caffeine before your bedtime. This beverage tends to keep you awake, and your eyes will feel tired.

Fresh Herbs

By having fresh herbs will calm your body, and you will feel sleepy at night peacefully. If you want example then, sage and basil are one of the fresh herbs which help your body to reduce tension and help you to have a peaceful sleep. You can prepare a homemade sauce with these items, but you need to avoid red pepper or black pepper, especially in the night as these will affect your body.

You can also have to promote your sleep:

  • Having Banana with yoghurt

  • Having cheese which has the low-fat cottage.

  • Having peanut butter but there only ingredients should be peanut

  • Eat an apple with mozzarella cheese.

Which Foods Should be avoided?

Before going to bed, you need to avoid some foods to have a good night sleep. Avoid too much spicy food or heavy meal because this will give you discomfort and indigestion. These foods types will change your body temperature and will confuse your brain also – for this reason, and you will not have a good night sleep.

Don’t take high carb processing foods like bread, pasta or rice. These are fatty foods and will produce acid in your stomach will lead you indigestion. And on the other hand, excessive foods will make your body heavier, and in the last, you cannot sleep.

Avoid too much black coffee and having strong tea; you will not feel sleepy. Also, caffeine type foods like chocolate or dark chocolate; you will feel dizzy before going to bed.

Experts always suggest to take a different type of nuts, and these should be there in your diet chart. These will improve your health and skin also help to have a good sleep. You need to take more nutrients which will not provide you with any harm and also you will be saved from any allergy. It would help if you only kept in mind that you must take potential foods which will promote your sleep and treat your light before your bedtime.


Some food is really a great help to control your sleep cycle; these foods will help you to stay healthy and will help with your sleep. Though getting enough sleep is not really easy. To have a good night sleep, your body has to work with a different type of chemicals to regulate your sleep cycle. Hopefully, you will take those foods to help you sleep and will provide you with a healthy lifestyle.

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