How Not Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Will Cost You Money


Personal injury lawyers seemingly bag quite a significant portion of a victim’s payout: between 25 to 40 percent, depending on the lawyer you pick and the complexity of the claim. At face value, it can sound like a lot, with some victims choosing to opt out of hiring a lawyer to save costs. 

However, studies show a different story; the victims go into a claim without a lawyer and end up losing money. This guide looks into why this is so and can help you make an informed choice.  

Insurer’s Manipulative Tricks

Insurance companies are businesses, and making profits is their main goal. So, the idea is to collect and get in as many premiums as possible while paying out as little as possible. 

To achieve this goal, insurers use many tactics, including lowballing your claim and getting you to divulge details of your case that could hurt it, among others. 

An personal injury lawyer understands tricks and can anticipate an insurer’s moves before they make one, increasing the value of your compensation significantly, even when you consider the lawyer’s fees.

You May Have Problems Valuing Your Damages

“The key to recovering what you deserve is valuing your damages correctly. The opposing side will not settle on an abstract figure; it has to be based on measurable and verifiable damages,” says personal injury Felix Gonzalez

For economic damages, you must have evidence of expenses and lost wages. For lost wages, you get a percentage of what you used to make before the accident if your injuries keep you off work for an extended time or permanently. 

Non-economic damage valuation involves using a negotiated multiplier against economic damages. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, so having a skilled lawyer help you with it can make a huge difference in the outcomes.

You Could Make Mistakes

The mistake you make from day one to the last day can significantly impact the value of your claim. These mistakes can include oversharing details about your case with the at-fault insurer, social media usage, missing deadlines, etc. 

A lawyer understands every pit in a personal injury claim and can guide you through it to maximize your compensation. As such, your timing in involving a lawyer is significant. You want to have a lawyer involved as soon as possible, but you also want to ensure you do due diligence when choosing one. 

Proofing Fault in a Personal Injury Claim

Establishing fault is the foundation of a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, some cases do not have straightforward faults. You may have to rely on your lawyer to prove fault in such situations. At other times, your lawyer may have to rely on expert witnesses. 

If the opposing side cannot dispute fault, they may try to portray you as partly at fault, which would significantly reduce your compensation. If they can get your fault to over 50 percent, you lose your right to compensation altogether under Texas modified comparative negligence laws. 

Industry Trends Agree

Thinking you could save money by avoiding hiring a lawyer has no factual backing. Industry data shows that engaging a personal injury lawyer in your case can improve your odds of a better outcome by up to five times. 

Also, lawyers can help make pretty close predictions based on experience, so you know what to expect as compensation, although they can never give guarantees. So before you go alone to save costs, talk to a lawyer.

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