How to Find the Best Fixed Price Recruitment

Fixed price recruitment refers to a process where the agency charges a flat/low rate for job advertising and traditional recruitment services. The model is popular with businesses as they access all standard services a recruitment firm provides with a one-off fee.

Not all flat rate recruitment agencies are the same. Hence, here are some tips for finding the best-fixed fee recruitment service: 

Identify Your Hiring Needs

The first step in selecting the right fixed price recruitment service is identifying your hiring needs. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself

  • How many employees do you plan to hire? 
  • What kind of vacancies do you plan to fill? 
  • Do you plan to hire temporary or permanent employees?
  • Are the positions executive-level or entry-level?
  • Do you need employees with specific skills or general skills?

Identifying your hiring needs goes a long way in selecting the right flat rate recruitment service.

Selecting the Right Agency Type

Recruiting agencies are a dime a dozen, and hence you need to be careful when selecting one. There are mainly three types of recruitment agencies – general recruitment agency, staffing recruitment agency, and executive recruitment agency. 

  • The general recruitment agency focuses on hiring for specific business niches like hospitality recruiting, technology recruiting, healthcare recruitment, finance recruiting, and retail recruiting. You can use these recruitment agencies to fill entry-level or middle-level positions in the industries mentioned above.
  • Staffing recruitment agencies focus primarily on recruiting temporary employees. You can use these recruiting agencies when you need seasonal employees to work on a specific project. A staffing recruitment agency can also help fill positions where full-time employees are on maternity leave or extended medical leave.
  • Executive recruitment agencies generally fill top-level positions. 

Check Affordability 

Affordability is an essential factor in selecting the right agency. Fixed-rate recruitment does not mean low-priced. You need to check the price of their services to determine affordability. Most recruitment agencies do not mention pricing on their website. 

You need to contact them or meet them in person to get information about the pricing. After meeting a few agencies, prepare a list of agencies along with their pricing for comparison. 

Check Expertise/Track Record

You need to check the track record/expertise of the top 3 recruitment agencies on the list. Do some research to find the quality of recruitment the agency does.  For example, some recruitment agencies maintain a pool of candidates to find suitable candidates fast.

Recruitment agencies are also known to have a database of passive candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. One of the advantages of hiring passive candidates is that they actively work in an organization and have updated knowledge about the industry and the tools. 

It would help if you looked at different recruitment agency aspects to understand their recruitment field expertise. Check their recent recruitment campaigns and how the agency performed. You can talk to their clients to know their experience of working with them.

To sum up, selecting the right fixed price recruitment agency is extremely important to build a strong workforce. It would help if you were open about your expectations when communicating with the agency to help you accomplish your recruitment goals.