How to Save Money Each Month on Your Food Bill


Do you know how much money you spend on food? Probably not. Certainly, the amount you spend would probably shock you. Whether you can afford it or not, there is not doubt you would like to spend less. However, many people do not want to lose their favorite ingredients and meals through cost-cutting. The good news is, you don’t have to, and in the article below we will show you show.

We all know it is all too easy to spend money on food. You head to the grocery store to buy a list of items and end up coming home with dozens of other products you never had plans of buying. One great way to save money on your food costs is by learning to cook for yourself. If you can prep your own meals, you can wave goodbye to expensive ready-meals and other fast options and implement frugal living.

Choose Ingredients in Season

Have you ever wondered why even a basic produce like bananas are more expensive in the winter than they are in the summer? Sometimes the cost difference is significant. This happens because the banana is in season when it is affordable and out of season when it is cheaper. Essentially, this means there are more available bananas when it is on season, and they are harder for suppliers to get off-season.

One easy way to save money is to buy ingredients that are in-season. Of course, this may mean making some compromises on what dishes you can cook at specific times.

Buy in Bulk and Use the Freezer

One way to overcome a problem with seasonal availability is to buy in bulk during the season and freeze for off-season. In fact, buying in bulk and freezing is a good option for all types of foods year-round.

In the world of retail, buying more of a product means paying less for it. So, buying in bulk is a way to save money in the long term, even if you will need to pay more upfront.

As for the freezing part of the equation, don’t be afraid of your freezer. Many people feel strange freezing products, but most types of foods can be frozen for months with not problem at all. Whether it is fruit, veggies, or meats, freezing can help you store food long term and cut costs.

Plan Your Meals

Many familiar takes a meal-by-meal approach to their eating plans. They have just finished lunch and have no idea what they will eat for dinner. This is a fast track to expensive trips to the grocery store to buy ingredients in the moment. Furthermore, when you don’t plan, it is easier to take the easy way out and order take out.

Save money by creating a meal plan. Perhaps you do a plan each week, or each month, but the point is you know what you will eat meal-to-meal and buy ingredients specifically for your planned meals. By purchasing in bulk and freezing, you could even have a meal plan that extends into months.


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