Is Child Abuse on the Rise and Really Well Hidden?


Recently articles have come out stating children are safer than they have ever been from both sexual and physical abuse. A week later, the headlines may include articles about a pedophile ring being busted or another priest or coach being accused of sexual assault. With such contradictory information constantly swinging the pendulum of parent’s emotions from one extreme to another, how can anyone know the truth of the situation? Therein lies the problem. There is no truth except that which society is prepared to see. Here are three reasons why child abuse may be on the rise and really well hidden.

Demands by Society

For many decades members of the public have heard about the sexual abuse of children by authority figures. As it is easy to push the problem out of daily life and tell yourself that someone will do something about it, the problem often got swept under the rug, or victims were made to feel as if they were lying and attempting to impugn the good name of a highly held person. When hundreds of individuals began accusing priests of sexual abuse, the public had no recourse but to believe the problem and allow a priest sex abuse attorney to try to see how deeply the crisis went.

Widespread Problem

Children of abuse are not limited to the Catholic Church or the priests associated with the institution. News of basketball coaches abusing young boys and girls, gymnastic trainers abusing young girls, and music moguls raping young girls and boys at parties have filled the pages of news reporting for a long time, but the public refuses to acknowledge the dirty secret that horrifies them. As one report after another comes to light, each priest sex abuse attorney digs deeper and finds more evidence that there is a widespread problem in society that is really well hidden.

Hidden by Authorities

Whether is it a matter of disbelief, disgust, or distrust of young victim’s stories, the public has allowed the perpetrators to hide their abuse in plain sight for a long time. As if that were not enough, a priest sex abuse attorney looking into the matter found the use of young children for perverse pleasure by older men and women has grown to unbelievable proportions – and was a well-known fact in many elite circles.

How could society allow their children to be abused for so long is something you may never know, but you can be assured that the fight has finally begun to right a very old wrong. If you have been abused, speak out, and know you have the right to be heard.

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