Make Your New Office Space Workable with These Steps


Moving to a new office is a unique experience. Whether it’s your first office or you’re expanding to a different location.

However, ill preparation can quickly turn your moving experience sour. One example is failing to prepare the new office, which could set you back in cost and productivity.

But are there ways to avoid falling in this trap?

First, you need to work out your relocation budget, hire the right removal company, pack and plan the move from your old office.

Once that’s settled, begin the arrangement for your new office. Make your new office workable by taking these steps.

Plan the Office Layout

You need to have an office layout design before moving to your new office. Alternatively, get a copy of the blueprint if you’re unable to access the space.

The layout will help you plan the office design. But first, you need to account for the number of office employees and the size of the office space.

The figures should give you a rough idea of how to divide the space proportionally.

The layout design should also cater for storage space, furnishings and the office equipment. If the space allows it, a heavy duty paper shredder is essential because it shreds large amounts of paper continuously, especially confidential or private documents.

Next, discuss with the supervisors and managers on how and where to assign the staff. But if that doesn’t work, you can opt for a flexible workplace solution design.

Finally, make a list of all the potential issues that will arise from the new space. It can be less storage facility, additional wiring and other electrical installation or painting.

Repair and Refurbish the Office

An old building can house your new office space. Therefore, expect some wear from the previous tenants.

It can be minor damage or one that requires extensive repairs. You’ll need to find out the extent before undertaking any repairs.

Depending on the repairs and possible refurbishment, you’ll first need building regulations approval from your local authority.

Office space in new buildings won’t need much work. That is unless you plan to partition.  And speaking about partitions, don’t forget the bathroom design. You’ll want to make sure the new bathroom partitions are of adequate size and quality. Check out One Point Partitions for a good selection.

Clean and Fumigate the Space

It’s advisable to clean the office space before moving in.

From the get-go, you have to set the standards of hygiene in the office for the staff to follow. It promotes a healthy workspace and business.

Cleanliness is also a morale boost to employees moving into the office space for the first time. It’s easier for them to settle in a clean environment.

Offices with a kitchenette can harbour office pests even after the previous tenants leave. The best way to get rid of them is through fumigation.

Fumigate before moving into the office space.

Plan and Fix Your Office Installations

It can be electrical, furnishings or even software installations. You need to plan how you’ll move and fix them without disrupting your workflow.

Some of the installation components that are significant for your office are:

  • The lighting system should not just be attractive but also be practical.
  • The tables and chairs that will help determine the layout option of the office.
  • The location of each electrical sockets throughout the office and if they are enough.
  • The proximity of the server to an air-conditioned space and if there is any source of interference.

Again the blueprint can be used to determine how best to layout the installations.

Finally, Plan a Party to Celebrate the Move

Moving offices isn’t easy, and chances are there are more than a few disputes and misunderstandings that have arisen from the whole process.

Wipe the slate clean by throwing an office party in the new location. It will give your co-workers a chance to relax, catch up with one another and socialise.

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