Playing Double Solitaire with Your Family and Friends

Playing free Solitaire games has always been fun even without the company. The amusement never dries up no matter how long you’ve been trying to win. But once in a while, you can’t help but wish to share your excitement with your family and friends. It’s compelling, exhilarating, and entertaining. Unfortunately, it only requires one player. However, that was then and things have changed. Out of nowhere, then came along a Solitaire game that doubles the fun!

Welcome to Double Solitaire!

Imagine this. You’re mingling with your friends sharing a few good laughs. In a moment or two, both of you are looking intensely as a pile of cards awaits your moves. All of a sudden, the whole room screams as someone has just been declared a winner of a game called Double Solitaire. Wait, what? A Solitaire with two players?

What Makes Double Solitaire Unique?

A popular variant of the Klondike Solitaire, this game involves two players. As opposed to the classic Solitaire, you’re not playing against yourself but are competing with someone else. That could be your sibling, friend, parent, or kid! Since it’s a close person you’re contending against, you could be more considerate. You’re free to teach them the whatnots, give them a hint, or tell them the next move just to get the ball rolling visit .

How Does the Game Work?

Unlike what you’ve been used to in other Solitaire card games, there are two decks in this one. Also, it will be better if the packs have some differences in design since they will be mixed up in the process. Then, laying out the cards is exactly the same as the way it’s usually done. Your goal is to build foundation piles in ascending order. Since it’s a double game, you’re aiming for eight of them.

Other than playing this Solitaire online, you can have an equally fun alternative. You may play Solitaire in the old-fashioned style on the floor or a sizable table. With your wide space, you can freely sprawl your cards.

If you’re well-acquainted with ordinary Klondike, you won’t have trouble with moving your cards. You can transfer them either to the foundations or your layout. Your turn only ends when you run out of moves. From there, your opponent has the floor.

The Rules of Winning

If you still have cards left in your tableau or stockpile while your opponent has none, that means a loss for you. In order to win, you have to be the first to complete your foundation piles.

Anyway, it’s still easy to know who the winner is if it’s a stalemate. You can just count all the cards on the foundation piles. Whoever laid the most number immediately bags the title. However, at the end of the day, quality time with your special people is always a win, right?

Where can you play double solitaire?

Only a few games offer multiplayer solitaire that allows you to play double solitaire. Mobilityware has a multiplayer mode. Just wait a few seconds and they’ll match you with a player. The person who solves their solitaire game first wins.

On Solitaire Bliss, you can simply play their game of the day and compare scores with another friend. Though not as exciting as playing in real time, it has the same effect and purpose as double solitaire.


Double Solitaire is definitely the life of the party. Hanging out with your family and friends becomes much more enjoyable with an interesting activity. Just don’t let the competition get too fierce, though! After all, you all came for fun, not rivalry. And if you can’t pull yourselves away from this game, just know that you’ve been warned!