Promotional Products Marketing: Creative Promotional Products For Different Industries


Everyone has seen someone wearing a t-shirt or another piece of clothing bearing a business or brand’s logo. You might also have been handed different branded items at conferences, workshops, and other events where businesspeople congregate. This is known as promotional product marketing. It is an excellent way for businesses to promote themselves, reach new customers, increase brand awareness, and stay current with customers.

While very effective, this type of marketing requires that you choose the right products for different types of businesses, customers, and industries. Let’s look at some creative promotional product ideas for different industries.

Tech Industry

The tech industry remains one of the biggest in the world, and predictions show it will continue growing for the foreseeable future. With such growth and the number of businesses in this sector increasing, what products can you use to reach your ideal customers and other businesses?

You cannot go wrong with a branded USB drive. Load these with company information or special offers and distribute them to recipients. If you do this, check the drives to ensure they are free of any malware because if they are infected, you can forget about working with anyone in the tech industry ever again.

Other practical promo products for this industry include wireless charging pods, power banks, portable phone stands, branded mouse pads, and stress relief tech toys.

The Healthcare Industry

Here, it is about making the lives of healthcare workers easier. A great promotional product that does this is portable water bottles. Healthcare professionals need to keep hydrated, but they are sometimes too busy to remember to do so. Your water bottles might help!

Hand sanitizer pouches can also work very well. Even though the pandemic is behind us, healthcare workers are still required to sanitize their hands regularly, especially when switching between patients.

With the right manufacturer, you can also create branded compact first-aid cases. Work with healthcare professionals to find out what they expect in these cases so you can ensure they are useful.

Other promotional items that would work well include keychains, pens, and notepads.

The Finance Industry

The finance industry is heavily customer-facing, so many of the products you create will likely end up in the hands of actual customers rather than the businesses. If you want to reach business in this industry, branded pens, keychains, notepads, and calendars can produce great results.

If you are a business in the finance industry looking to reach more customers, you have more options. Money clips and piggy banks are always a fun option because they promote the idea of saving and budgeting. Portable chargers and power banks can also be a great idea depending on the specific customers.

Calendars with your branded and daily or monthly financial tips can be a fun promotion item while offering valuable tips to your customers.

Promotional product marketing is everywhere, but it remains largely underutilized. Being a bit creative and creating targeted products can help you get much better results with this marketing option. As you do this, remember to tailor your products depending on whether you are targeting other businesses or customers.

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