Reasons To Hire A Concierge Service

It is a well-known fact that people living in Singapore are busy urbanites. The fast-paced environment and fast-changing landscape don’t leave plenty of time for people to pursue hobbies or indulge in leisure.

Perhaps this is why staycations are a popular weekend activity in Singapore.

People do not have to leave their cozy hotel rooms to get an extra duvet along with pick the best duvet togs or to get food—the hotel’s concierge service does it all for them.

While the concierge delivers the duvet to the room, guests could complete half of a 10-minute workout video. Guests don’t have to abruptly pause their favourite Netflix show since the hotel’s concierge sends their food up to the room with just one phone call.

These simple tasks may seem not at all time-consuming within a day, but it adds up in a week, or a month. Booking flights, planning a party, or just running an errand, these daily undertakings actually take a significant amount of time to complete when the hours are put together.

So here is where BUTLER Singapore, the finest concierge and lifestyle management company, comes in with the provision of a comprehensive personal concierge service to meet the needs of busy urbanites.

Personalized Concierge Service Tailored To Needs

With a concierge service, clients can expect to be assigned a dedicated concierge personnel to fulfill their requests.

Unlike robots or machines with machine learning ability, where a programming algorithm allows the hardware to learn the habits of a user the more it is used, human concierges are much more intuitive.

Instead of clients having to take extra time out of their day to use a robot to cultivate learning of their habits, the innate intuitiveness in people makes for a smoother cooperation between client and concierge.

A personal concierge also provides the delicate human touch—something clearly robots are unable to do. Concierges can also fine-tune the service they deliver, tailoring it to meet clients’ expectations.

With a touch of a button, clients can have their requests fulfilled by a personal concierge as they go about doing what matters most to them.

For example, a concierge, such as the one BUTLER provides, can pick up groceries for clients or schedule a transport service to pick up a family member. A concierge can also make reservations at a restaurant or book flights for a family trip.

Clients can look forward to a committed concierge service who proactively learns their habits and preempts their needs, making them a trusted partner.

Frees Up Precious Time

Being city dwellers, time is considered a luxury.

Having a personal concierge service like what BUTLER offers, helps clients save plenty of time. Or rather, frees up time for clients.

The difference is that the former means a shorter amount of time taken to do something, while the latter means more time has been liberated.

With a personal concierge, clients can enjoy more free time for them to do other things that are important to them, such as spending quality time with their loved ones or having the time to complete work responsibilities.

Instead of having to do those tasks themselves, or have someone assist them with it, clients can completely entrust those duties to their personal concierge.

Over a week or a month, the difference with having more time can be felt. Clients can use those freed-up time to rest and pursue the hobbies they have always wanted to.

Workaholic clients can also enjoy a less disruptive work life. Since they do not have to personally carry out tasks that take up their time during work hours or eat into their after-work hours, these clients can focus better and boost their productivity.

Concierge Service Offers Great Convenience

Convenience is defined as, “The state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty.”

Beyond having more time, a personal concierge service offers clients great convenience.

For instance, some clients may not have the tools or knowledge to complete a specific task. So they end up spending more time to find a solution, or more money sourcing for a service that can help them with the task.

In such trickier cases, a well-equipped concierge with experience can accomplish tasks professionally and efficiently, alleviating any issues the client may face.

This is also why clients can leave it all up to a trustworthy concierge, such as BUTLER, to handle any chore.

Hire A Concierge Service

Gain Access To Different Networks

When engaging a concierge service, clients indirectly gain access to networks that are usually privy to concierge providers, such as BUTLER.

Additionally, a resourceful concierge adds to clients’ overall satisfaction and improves their experience as they are able to pick out a solution that would meet clients’ needs and even exceed expectations.

Such concierges will do their best to work out any special privileges and benefits for clients, so that they may enjoy elevated lifestyles and great convenience.

For example, a good concierge service can easily turn a typically stressful family vacation planning into a hassle-free one.

Clients can get first-class seats on high-end carriers at good value, a convenient airport transfer, and priority reservations for luxury hotels—simply with a concierge service.

The concierge network also keeps up to date with the latest lifestyle trends and the food and beverage scene, providing clients with unique and fresh choices for nights out or high tea sessions.

Engage A Trusted Concierge Service

All that said, clients should note that it is important to hire a trustworthy concierge service, like BUTLER.

The knowledgeable and experienced concierges at BUTLER have served countless esteemed clients. So you are assured a professional concierge service that will go above and beyond to provide exceptional service.Get in touch today at and find out more about the BUTLER concierge service.