Southern Charm: 10 Must-Have Decorations for Your Restaurant

In the heart of the South, where the air is filled with the mouthwatering scent of hearty meals and the warm spirit of hospitality, you’ll find a unique culinary culture that has captured the hearts and taste buds of countless people. 

Whether you’re dreaming of opening a charming southern style chicken restaurant or a cozy pizzeria with a southern twist, you’re already on the right path to culinary success. However, creating an unforgettable dining experience goes beyond just serving delicious food. The atmosphere, ambiance, and decor also play a vital role in shaping the overall impression. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to infuse that unmistakable Southern charm into your restaurant by showcasing ten essential decorations that will transport your guests. 

Rustic Wooden Tables and Chairs

Rustic wooden tables and chairs add a touch of Southern hospitality that invites customers to relax and stay a while. With their warm and authentic appeal, they create the perfect ambiance for a memorable meal. Whether you prefer custom-made pieces from local craftsmen or retail furniture stores that embrace the charm of the South, these furnishings will elevate your space with a timeless aesthetic.

Mason Jar Pendant Lights

These lights have a soft, warm glow that creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for southern eateries. Their rustic charm beautifully complements the comfort of the cuisine. You can easily find Mason jar pendant lights online or at specialty lighting stores across the country.

Barnwood Wall Decor

Barnwood wall decor adds texture and character to your restaurant’s interior. The weathered look of barnwood effortlessly blends with the southern style, giving your guests a sense of nostalgia. Look for unique pieces at local antique shops or browse online marketplaces for vintage and rustic decor options.

Vintage Signs and Posters

Vintage signs and posters with southern themes such as sweet tea, BBQ, or blues music add a nostalgic touch and bring the rich tapestry of southern culture and history to your restaurant. Explore antique stores, flea markets, or online vintage shops to find a wide variety of these kinds of signs and posters.

Checkered Tablecloths

Checkered tablecloths bring to mind charming southern diners and create a sense of comfort and familiarity. They add a delightful touch of pattern and color to your tables. These tablecloths are easy to find and come in various sizes and colors at home goods stores or online.

Mason Jar Drinkware

Serving your beverages in Mason jars adds an extra touch of southern authenticity to your restaurant. Whether it’s sweet tea, lemonade, or signature cocktails, Mason jars are a charming choice. You can easily find them online or at kitchen supply stores across the USA, making it a convenient addition to your southern-inspired drink presentation.

Live Greenery and Potted Plants

The south is famous for its beautiful landscapes. And having live greenery and potted plants in your interior adds a touch of freshness. They create a relaxing atmosphere and enhance the overall appeal of your restaurant. You can visit local nurseries or garden centers to find indoor plants that thrive in southern hospitality. Alternatively, you can explore online plant shops that offer nationwide delivery options.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets have a dual purpose: they add to the southern charm of your restaurant while offering practical storage options for condiments or utensils on your tables. You can find wicker baskets at home decor stores, craft shops, or online marketplaces.

Vintage Silverware and China

Vintage silverware and china bring a sense of elegance and nostalgia to your dining experience. They enhance your presentation and add sophistication to each meal. Discover unique pieces that tell stories of past generations by exploring antique shops, estate sales, and online vintage retailers. In this case, you’d be aiming for vintage southern items.

Southern Artwork and Photographs

Support local southern artists by showcasing their artwork and photographs that capture the essence of the region. This not only helps the artists but also immerses your guests in the vibrant culture of the South. Collaborate with local artists and photographers to curate custom pieces for your restaurant. Additionally, you can find an array of Southern-themed artwork in art galleries and online marketplaces to adorn your walls.


Creating a southern-style restaurant with authentic charm goes far beyond the delicious food on the menu. From the warm, rustic wooden furniture to the nostalgic vintage signs, each decoration plays a crucial role in setting the perfect ambiance. With these 10 must-have decorations and a touch of creativity, your restaurant can become a true gem, ensuring that every guest leaves not only filled with food but also with a heart filled with southern warmth.