Stay At Home And Beat The Heat This Summer


Summer is a great time because it makes almost everything possible, apart from ice skating. However, summer temperatures can also make things unbearable. If it is combined with a heatwave, you are looking at a time when you have to devise ways to survive. Here are a few things that can improve your indoor experience.

Update your insulation

Builder fitting insulation into the roof

Like winter, summer energy consumption can also go to the roof if you do not use efficient insulation. This is a time when you need to check your insulation. Ensure that every place is adequately sealed to make it work for your air conditioner. If the insulation is not good, you will end up with ridiculous energy consumption. If you don’t have a cooling unit, you may need a fan to get the air flowing nicely inside the house. You may also need to open the windows to allow cool air into the house. It is not an effective way, but it is still a valid method of keeping cool.

Have your AC checked

Man checking the air conditioner

The air conditioning unit in summer is what the furnace is in winter. Just before summer, you need to have your cooling system checked. Ensure that it is operating optimally. You will need to call an expert to inspect the unit for repair and prevent any potential issues. If you allow it to break down, you will pay more for emergency repairs. Maintenance checks are always recommended to be performed just before the summer of every year. If it needs replacement parts, you will need to buy them for installation because it will be tested to the limit. You don’t want it to break down on you. You also don’t want it to operate sub-optimally. You may need to clean up the air filters to ensure that the dirt and debris do not accumulate.

Install a programmable thermostat

Woman regulating home temperature with a thermostat

We are living in a remarkable era in the history of humanity, where automation and smart devices are becoming increasingly reliable. A thermostat is a perfect way to automate your home climate controls. A programmable thermostat ensures that the desired temperatures are maintained throughout the day and night. If you need to make adjustments, you will program it to do that for you. Once you have set it up nicely, you have to ensure that direct sunlight does not hit it directly. You may also want to remove lights or any other sources of heat near it. Doing so makes it easy to gauge the internal temperatures accurately. It prevents rapid cycling, which can overwork the AC unit. An overworked air conditioning unit will have a higher chance of malfunctioning.

Wear summer clothing

Woman choosing her summer outfits

This is a time to ditch the warm winter clothing. It is not just the fabric and its make; the color, too, should be checked. Dark colors absorb and retain heat. It will be prudent to put such clothing far away for winter weather. Instead, you will need more bright colors even when you are indoors. You may also need to ditch lighter fabrics; even the undergarments should be made of lighter fabrics and yarns. Summer is a time you have to loosen up, literally. Wear fewer clothes to keep cool. It would also be wise to avoid tightly hugging clothes. Wear loose and breezy clothing, and even oversize.

Install window blinders

Beautiful wooden window blinders

The summer sunshine is only fun for a while until it becomes a nuisance. The midday sun does no one any good. Even the morning sunlight can disturb the internal climate controls. However, the best solution is to install blinders on all the glass windows and door sections. Blinders reduce the intensity of the solar that gets inside the house. If you have installed them correctly, you will notice a significant drop in the cycling level of your AC unit. It will keep the hot sun rays away from the house.

Install reflective window films

Home windows with reflective films

Besides window blinders, reflective window films can significantly reduce heat gain inside your house by reflecting sunlight away from your windows. These films work by allowing light to enter while blocking out a substantial amount of the sun’s heat and UV rays, helping to keep your rooms cooler. They are relatively easy to install and can be a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s ability to stay cool during the hot summer months.

Utilize nighttime air

Opening window for ventilation

Taking advantage of cooler nighttime air is an effective way to reduce indoor temperatures. Open your windows in the evening and early morning to allow cool air to circulate throughout your home. Pair this with strategic fan placement to create cross ventilation, drawing cool air in and pushing hot air out. Remember to close the windows and blinds as the sun rises to trap the cooler air inside for as long as possible.

Plant shade trees

Tree at the yard giving shade to the house

Planting shade trees around your home can naturally cool your environment and reduce heat absorption. Deciduous trees, in particular, provide shade during the summer while allowing sunlight to warm your home in the winter after they shed their leaves. Consider planting trees on the south and west sides of your home, where the sun’s impact is strongest, for maximum cooling benefits.

Minimize indoor heat sources

Outdoor grilling

Reducing the use of appliances that generate heat can help keep your home cooler. Opt for cooking methods that produce less heat, such as using a microwave, slow cooker, or grilling outside. Limit the use of washers, dryers, and dishwashers during the hottest parts of the day, or use them during the evening when it’s cooler. Switching to LED lighting can also reduce heat output from bulbs, contributing to a cooler home environment.

Stay hydrated

Outdoor grilling

The risk of dehydration skyrockets every time summer arrives. Thankfully, you can prevent it by hydrating regularly. If you have trouble drinking plain water, look for any other fluid. Drink lots of fluids during this time to compensate for the lost water.


As the summer sun turns up the heat, creating a cool and comfortable home environment becomes essential. The strategies outlined above, from enhancing insulation to leveraging nighttime air, offer practical ways to maintain a pleasant living space without relying solely on air conditioning.

Additional Suggestions

  • This summer promises to be hotter than we have experienced in the past years, thanks to global warming, but you can still follow the tips we have provided above to stay cool during the summer.
  • If you own an air conditioning unit, You will need to call an expert to inspect the unit for repair and prevent any potential issues.
  • If you want alternatives to window blinders, installing long and effective draperies can do the trick.
  • Get ready for summer by getting things in order. Ensuring that your air conditioning system is working is necessary if you don’t want the system to malfunction.
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