The Five Satins, R&B Legends

Fred Parris (The Five Satins)

Introduction The Five Satins are an R&B vocal group famous for their R&B hit in 1956 “In the Still Of The Nite”. The band’s origins were in New Haven in Connecticut and formed in 1954. The original members consisted of Fred Parris (the leader), Lou Peebles, Stanley Dortch, Ed Martin, Nat Mosley … Read more

The Story and Music of The Earls

The Story and Music of The Earls

Introduction to The Earls The Earls are an American white doo-wop vocal group formed in The Bronx, New York in the early 60s music era. The nucleus of the group was (and still is) the group’s founder Larry Chance, and the original members consisted of Bob Del Din, Eddie Harder, Larry Palombo … Read more

The Capris with “There’s a Moon Out Tonight”

The Capris

Introduction to The Capris The Capris were an Italian-Amerian doo-wop vocal group, formed in 1957 in Ozone Park, Queens in New York. The original members were Nick “Santo” Santamaria, Mike Minicieli, Vinnie Naccarato, John Cassesse, Rosario Morice (who left early) and John Apostol. They named themselves as the Capris, obviously unaware that … Read more

The Story and Music of The Exciters

The Exciters

Introduction to The Exciters The Exciters were a 60s music era R&B/soul group consisting of three female members – Brenda Reid, Carolyn Johnson and Lillian Walker – and one male member, Herb Rooney (who would also become Reid’s husband). Originally an all-girl act, Reid, Johnson and Walker were still teenagers when they … Read more

The Story and Music of The El Dorados

The El Dorados

Introduction to The El Dorados The El Dorados are an R&B and doo-wop vocal group from Chicago, Illinois, active during the 50s music era. Formed in 1952, they were initially labeled as “Pirkle Lee and the Five Stars,” formed by Pirkle Lee Moses Jr. Other members of the original lineup consisted of … Read more

One-Hit Wonders the Jive Five

the Jive Five

Introduction to The Jive Five The Jive Five is an American doo-wop/R&B/soul combo that has gone through lineup changes.  They were first formed in New York in the late 50s.  During the early 60s music era their first single, “My True Story” gave them their first hit.  The group took another shape … Read more

The Life and Music of The Four Knights

The Life and Music of The Four Knights

Introduction to The Four Knights The Four Knights had a prolific two-decade career as one of the in-demand doo-wop vocal groups especially during the 50s music era. They had performed throughout much of their career with the lineup consisting of Gene Alford (lead tenor), Oscar Broadway (bass), Clarence Dixon (baritone) and John … Read more

One-Hit Wonders the Aquatones

The Aquatones

Introduction to The Aquatones The Aquatones were a 50’s music era doo-wop group out of Valley Stream, New York.  They are best known for their 1957 Fargo Records hit song (#21 Billboard Hot 100) “You,” which they wrote.  The group consisted of three guys, Dave Goddard, Gene McCarthy, Larry Vannata and one … Read more

Biography of The Fireflies

The Fireflies

Introduction to The Fireflies The Fireflies were a 50s music-era American doo-wop/R&B vocal group whose career lasted ten years (about 1957-1967). As to where they were formed is still a matter of uncertainty. Some sources say that they started in Long Island, New York; others cite that they hailed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. … Read more

The Fiestas – “So Fine”

The Fiestas

A short introduction to the Fiestas The Fiestas hailed from Newark, New Jersey and formed in 1958. New York-based Old Town Records signed The Fiestas, then afterwards the band recorded and released “So Fine.” It became a Top 20 pop hit as well as a Top 10 R&B hit in 1959. The … Read more

Ben E. King – his story and music

Ben E. King

Introduction Ben E. King was one of the singers of the R&B/doo-wop vocal combo The Drifters before launching his solo career in 1960. While with the Drifters, King achieved R&B chart-toppers such as “Money Honey,” “Honey Love,” “There Goes My Baby,” and “Save The Last Dance For Me” (also a US Billboard … Read more

History of the Impressions

the Impressions

Introduction to the group The Impressions are an R&B/doo-wop/soul band formed in Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 1958, the band’s original lineup consisted of Sam Gooden, Richard Brooks, Arthur Brooks, Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield; their first name was The Roosters. They churned their first charting single on both the R&B and pop … Read more

The Contours – “Do You Love Me”

The Contours

Introduction to the Contours The Contours were an R&B group, one of the first acts the Berry Gordy’s fledgling label Motown had signed. They were formed by Joe Billingslea and Billy Gordon in 1959. The group, who were considered different from Motown’s other smooth, slick top artists, were rough and wild. The … Read more