The Short Music Career of The Echoes

Introduction to The Echoes

The Echoes were a one-hit wonder American white doo-wop who had a sole hit in the early 1960s, “Baby Blue.” The members were Harry Boyle, Thomas Duffy and Tom Morrissey, originally calling themselves The Laurels. The Echoes’ single “Baby Blue,” was released on a small label SRG Records and distributed by another imprint Seg-Way. It broke into the Top 20 in 1961. But the Echoes were unable to follow their only smash single, and soon disbanded. The revival of interest towards white doo-wop groups in the 1980s led to the release of the Echoes’ compilation of old tunes.

Meet The Echoes

Famous for their 1961 smash hit “Baby Blue,” the all-white American doo-wop group The Echoes formed in Brooklyn, New York. The trio consisted of Harry Boyle, Thomas Duffy and Tom Morrissey who were all born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Before The Echoes, they were once a quintet called as The Laurels along with two other members Sam Capano and Willie Bender. In 1959, they had already recorded the demo “Baby Blue” b/w “Every Dream I Dream.” But the group disbanded without releasing any records. 

Recording as The Echoes

After The Laurels disbandment, Morrisey, Duffy and Boyle formed The Echoes. Using their own money, the song “Baby Blue” was re-recorded as a demo and was released with the help of Paris Records’ owner Jack Gold. Released on Segway Records, “Baby Blue” became The Echoes’ big hit, peaking at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Later that time, Duffy left the Echoes after releasing two more records and the “Baby Blue”‘s success was never followed by any of their later releases. The band finally broke up. However, Boyle, Morrisey, Tragas continued to play with their new group The Scoundrells, adding Ralph Depalma as a new member.

The Echoes’ discography (may be impartial)

Seg-Way Records


  • A: Sad Eyes (Don´t You Cry)
  • B: It´s Rainin’

(Jan 1961)

  • A: Baby Blue
  • B: Boomerang


  • A: Gee Oh Gee
  • B: Angel Of My Heart

Smash Records

(May 1962)

  • A: Bluebirds Over The Mountain
  • B: A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But A Bird

Feb 1963

  • A: A Million Miles From Nowhere
  • B: Keep An Eye On Her

Ascot Records

(Aug 1965)

  • A: I Love Candy (I Love Her Candy Kisses)
  • B: Paper Roses