Europe Travel Preparation Guide for First-Timers

Europe travel

Visiting Europe is pretty much every traveler’s rite of passage. From the historical architectural masterpieces in Rome to the renowned art and fashion landmarks in Paris. There’s enough to see, explore, and experience there to keep you busy for years on end. You’ve probably been spending countless hours sifting through dozens of … Read more

Top 5 Fun Places to Visit in Europe

Saying that Europe is beautiful is an understatement. What we mean is Europe can actually be used as a synonym for gorgeous. Nature has played a significant role in making this continent as beautiful as it can be. So, now that we know how amazing Europe is, let’s start listing the top … Read more

Traveling to Iceland on a Budget

traveling to Iceland on a budget

Iceland, a Scandinavian island-country, never fails to enchant visitors. With its dazzling northern lights, humongous glaciers, jaw-dropping geysers and volcanoes with unpronounceable words (try saying “Snæfellsjökull”), it’s undoubtedly one of the world’s best destinations. However, Iceland is also known for its incredibly high prices. So it is not exactly a budget-friendly country, … Read more

Interesting Facts About Russia

Interesting Facts About Russia

  Russia is the biggest country in the world so there is no doubt its culture and history is as vast as its land. You may have been aware about the Red Square, Stalin, the Russian Revolution, borscht and the balalaikas, but there is something more interesting about this country that you … Read more