What Dual Residency With Italy Could Mean for Your Health Insurance

The healthcare system in countries all over the world can vary considerably from one location to the next. For those…

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Abandoned and submerged church in northern Italy

In South Tyrol, northern Italy, close to the Italian borders with Austria and Switzerland, there’s the artificial lake of Reschensee…

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Romagnano al Monte, Italy

The abandoned mountain village of Romaganano al Monte has only lain dormant for a couple of decades; there are undoubtedly…

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The amazing Castello di Sammezzano, Reggello, Italy

Castello di Sammezzano, Reggello, Italy Sammezzano castle was built in the early 17th Century in the Tuscan town of Reggello,…

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Planning a Wine Tour in Italy

Italy ranks fifth in the world when it comes to wine consumption if some of you do not know. And…

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What Are the Oldest Pizzerias?

Pizza is one of the best-loved dishes in the world. It is easy to eat, it is versatile, and (unless…

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The History of Pizza in Italy

Pizza might seem like an all-American snack or meal to those who live in the United States. However, it actually…

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The Interesting History of Pizza

There are only a few nations that can say their national dish has become an international phenomenon and one of…

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