One Hit Wonders of the 2000s

One Hit Wonders of the 2000s

  The music scene of the new millennium wasn’t bereft of one-hit wonders, especially on the American charts, which they used to lord over for a time. While some one-hit wonders vanished, others managed to find ways to stay relevant in the business. Here are the one-hit wonders of the 2000s who … Read more

One Hit Wonders of the 1980s

one hit wonders of the 1980s

  The term “one-hit wonder” refers to an artist who enjoys a hit on the national US chart — most specifically the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40. Other factors such as hits on Billboard’s genre-specific charts, success in other regions or countries, or membership in more prominent acts won’t affect an artist’s … Read more

One Hit Wonders of the 1990s

one hit wonders of the 90s

  For almost all artists, having a hit on the US Billboard charts (most importantly the Hot 100 or pop chart) is a dream come true. The one-hit wonders may not have been able to duplicate their earlier successes, but at least they have had a hit on the Billboard Top 40, and … Read more

Introduction to Kenny Dino

Kenny Dino

Who is  Kenny Dino? Kenny Dino was an American singer who achieved short-term fame during the 60s music era. Born Kenneth Diono, singing had often been a part of his life, even as he was on a duty in Iceland as a US Navy officer.  During those days Diono sang regularly, and … Read more

Jimmy Bowen

Jimmy Bowen

  Introduction to Jimmy Bowen Jimmy Bowen (born in New Mexico in 1937) is a former singer and later songwriter and record producer. He first achieved his own hit with “I’m Stickin’ with You” during the mid-50s music period. This was actually a B-side of “Party Doll,” which was a hit for … Read more

The Music of Frankie Ford

Frankie Ford

Introduction to Frankie Ford New Orleans rock and roller Frankie Ford rose to distinction during the 50s music scene with his single “Sea Cruise” which reached #14 on the pop chart. He was born in Gretna, Louisiana in 1939, was adopted by a couple who named him Francis Guzzo. Although Ford never … Read more

The Music of Ernie Fields

Ernie Fields

Introduction to Ernie Fields Ernie Fields (born Ernest Lawrence Fields in 1904 – died in 1997) was an African-American bandleader. Born in Oklahoma, Fields began his career as a pianist and eventually played the trombone which became his main instrument after graduating from the Tuskegee Institute, then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. He … Read more