Classic Rock Legends: Little Richard

Little Richard

  Richard Wayne Penniman AkA “Little Richard”. Richard Wayne Penniman, known by the stage name of “Little Richard”, proclaims himself as “The Architect of Rock and Roll”. He has been known by other aliases, including: “The Real King of Rock and Roll“, “The King of Rockin’ n Rollin’”, “The Rhythm and Blues … Read more

Peggy Lee – “Fever”

Peggy Lee

Introduction to Peggy Lee Peggy Lee is one of the most renowned figures in American entertainment history – she was a talented pop/jazz singer, songwriter and actress whose career run spanned six decades. As an actress, she supplied the speaking and singing voices for the Disney animation film Lady And The Tramp; … Read more

The Gentrys – “Keep on Dancing”

The Gentrys

Introduction The Gentrys were a 1960s to 1970s American rock and roll/psychedelic rock band, best known for their 1965 hit “Keep On Dancing.” In 1965, the Gentrys hit it big with “Keep On Dancing,” which rose to the Top 10 and became a million seller. However, their following singles, although performing adequately, … Read more

History of Buddy Holly, One of Classic Rock Legends

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly — An Introduction Buddy Holly (born Chalres Hardin Holley on September 7, 1936 – died on February 3, 1959) was an American singer-songwriter and musician whose influence and appeal still endure even over 50 years after his death in an airplane crash. In 1956, Holley signed to Decca Records, and … Read more

Biography of Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez

Trini Lopez arrives at Schiphol Airport, for a performace at the Grand Gala Du Discque Populaire 1963. (Source: Wikipedia) A short introduction Trini Lopez is a guitarist and singer who’s best known for his upbeat version of the folk standard “If I Had A Hammer”, with a distinct Latin flavor. The Dallas, … Read more

Roy Brown – The Pioneer of Rock and Roll

Roy Brown

Introduction to Roy Brown Singer-songwriter Roy Brown is widely considered as the pioneer of rock and roll. Brown was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1925. He recorded “Good Rocking Tonight” and became a solid hit, peaking at #13 on the R&B chart in 1948. Brown continued to churn out fifteen more … Read more

History of the Isley Brothers

Isley Brothers

Introduction The Isley Brothers was formed in 1954, originally as a vocal trio consisting of brothers O’Kelly Jr., Rudolph and Ronald Isley – another brother Vernon joined them shortly before his tragic death from a hit-and-run incident. First signed to RCA in the late 1950s, their trio first charting single was “Shout”, … Read more

Wilbert Harrison of “Kansas City” Fame

Wilbert Harrison

Introduction to Wilbert Harrison Wilbert Harrison (1929-1994) was an American R&B/rock and roll/pop singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist, hailing from North Carolina. He started his recording career in the early 1950s but it wasn’t until 1959 that he scored his big hit, “Kansas City” which topped both the pop and R&B singles charts. … Read more

The Bell Notes – “I’ve Had It”

The Bell Notes

Introduction to the Bell Notes The Bell Notes were a 1950s-1960s American rock and roll band. Originating in Long Island, New York, they regularly gigged at clubs in The Bronx. They released their first single “I’ve Had It,” which would become a nationwide hit, making a dent on the Top 10 chart … Read more

Introduction to the Champs

the Champs

Introduction to the Champs The Champs were an rock and roll combo, most fondly remembered for their instrumental track “Tequila” in 1958. Formed by and guitarist Dave Burgess, he was backed by studio musicians Buddy Bruce (guitar), Cliff Hills (bass), Gene Alden (drums) and saxophonist Daniel Flores, aka Chuck Rio. It was … Read more

Danny and the Juniors – “At the Hop”

Danny and the Juniors

Short introduction to Danny and the Juniors Danny & the Juniors were an American group best known for their 1957 hit single “At The Hop.” The group were formed in 1955 when they were still in their teens. Their first charting single was “At The Hop” which was their biggest hit, topping … Read more

Tommy Facenda – “High School USA”

Tommy Facenda

Introduction to Tommy Facenda Tommy Facenda was also known during his heyday as “Bubba” especially when he joined Gene Vincent’s band Blue Caps band in 1957. Facenda left Blue Caps to start a solo career as a singer and guitarist. When his first single “Little Baby” (b/w “You Are My Everything”) sank … Read more

The Cadets – “Stranded in the Jungle”

The Cadets

Introduction to the Cadets The Cadets are a doo-wop group, formed in Los Angeles in the late 1940s.They started as a gospel group, and when they auditioned for Modern Records, they were accepted by the label who gave them the name The Cadets. The label then bestowed them with an alternate name … Read more

Introduction to Fats Domino

Fats Domino

The legendary “Fat Man” from New Orleans Probably the most legendary music figure to come out of New Orleans, Louisiana, blues and rock and roll singer/pianist Fats Domino also grew to become one of the influential icons in the 1950s. His first foray into recording was with Imperial Records in 1949, where … Read more

History of the Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band

  Introduction to the pioneers of Southern rock The Allman Brothers Band was formed in 1969 by brothers Duane and Gregg Allman. The brothers had been in two previous bands, Allman Joys & Hour Glass, before starting The Allman Brothers Band. The initial band consisted of Dickie Betts, Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks … Read more

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

Meet the Starr from the Beatles! Sir Ringo Starr is an English drummer, singer and actor who achieved international fame as one of the Beatles during the 1960s. . During his time with the Beatles, Starr also sang lead vocals in few of the songs such as “Boys”, “What Goes On”, “Yellow … Read more

History of Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin

A quick overview on Darin’s career Bobby Darin was an American singer-­songwriter and actor. In his time, Darin was considered as one of the most versatile artists, even up to now. His resolve not to commit himself to one genre led him to perform jazz, pop, country, swing and rock songs. He … Read more

The Coasters — R&B and Rock ‘n Roll Legends

The Coasters

Introduction The Coasters were an American doo-wop/R&B/rock and roll group first formed in Los Angeles, California in 1955. The Coasters’ biggest hits were “Searchin’,” “Young Blood,” “Yakety Yak,” “Charlie Brown”, “Along Came Jones” and “Poison Ivy”, all of them were big R&B chart hits which also successfully crossed over to the pop … Read more

Biography of Johnny Burnette

Johnny Burnette

One of the earliest rockabilly stars Johnny Burnette (1934-1964) was an American rock and roll, rockabilly and pop singer and musician. He and his brother Dorsey Burnette and their friend Paul Burlison formed the Rock and Roll Trio in 1952. They recorded a handful of singles for the Decca label, and had … Read more

Who are the Cheers?

The Cheers

Introduction to the Cheers The Cheers were a short-lived American rock and roll vocal combo, one of the white rock ‘n roll groups to emerge in the 1950s. They consisted of the late Bert Convy (who would later be known as the host of Tattletales, Super Password and Win, Lose or Draw), … Read more

Classic Rock Profiles: The Human Beinz – “Nobody But Me”

The Human Beinz

The Human Beinz – a short introduction The Human Beinz are a 1960s American rock and roll band hailing from Ohio. Originally calling themselves the Premiers, they changed their name into The Human Beingz (with a “g”) to fit into the growing musical trends in the 1960s. They were signed to Capitol … Read more

Biography of Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Early life and musical influences The guitar legend Carlos Santana was born Carlos Augusto Alves Santana on July 20, 1947 in Autlan de Navarro, Jalisco in Mexico. Music ran in the family, as his father had been an accomplished professional violinist, and his brother Jorge Santana would also become a well-known guitarist … Read more

The Fireballs – Tex-Mex Rock and Roll

The Fireballs

Introduction to the Fireballs The Fireballs were an American rock and roll group who rose to fame in the late 1950s to early 1960s. They started out in 1958 as an instrumental group, later evolving into a full-fledged rock n roll band consisting of lead guitarist George Tomsco, vocalist Stan Lark, Eric … Read more

Biography of Ral Donner

Ral Donner

More than just an Elvis soundalike Most knowledgeable oldies music fans will remember the name “Ral Donner.” He was an American singer who was known for his voice and singing that had an uncanny resemblance to the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley. Since he was younger, Donner had been a … Read more

Introduction to Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry

Welcome to our site for Chuck Berry. Here you will find videos, resources, articles, news and much more all about Chuck Berry.     If Elvis Presley was proclaimed “The King of Rock and Roll”, Chuck Berry, on the other hand, was touted as the “Father of Rock and Roll” during the … Read more

The Bobby Fuller Four – “I Fought the Law”

Who are the Bobby Fuller Four? The Bobby Fuller Four were a 1960s rock and roll band originating in El Paso, Texas. They were known for their classic hit cover of the Crickets’ “I Fought the Law.” They were fronted by Bobby Fuller, born Robert Gaston Fuller in 1942. He was a … Read more

One-hit Wonder Mickey Lee Lane

Mickey Lee Lane

Introduction to Mickey Lee Lane Mickey Lee Lane was an American singer and songwriter who began his music career by at the Brill Building as a songwriter. His material was classified as rock and roll and soul (particularly Northern Soul). Lane penned “My Little Woman” for Bill Haley, worked as a touring … Read more

The Guitar Legend, Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy

Introduction Duane Eddy (born in New York in 1938) is an American guitarist who invented the guitar’s for the low, reverberating “twangy” sound which is heard in most of his records. Eddy has been also known for his work with Lee Hazlewood, who produced most of the former’s work during the late … Read more

The Story and Music of Bob Lind

Bob Lind

Introduction Despite having released four albums between 1966 and 1971 (one of them is the critically acclaimed Since There Were Circles) and just one US Top 10 single in “Elusive Butterfly”, Bob Lind nevertheless has been enjoying a considerable following, with numerous artists after him having recorded many of his songs.  The … Read more

Introduction to Bob Kuban and the In-Men

Bob Kuban and the In Men

Introduction Bob Kuban and the In-Men achieved their only huge hit via “The Cheater.”  Hailing from Missouri, he formed the eight-piece band Bob Kuban and The In-Men in 1964, where he was drummer and leader.  Their only hit, “The Cheater” went to #12 on the Billboard chart in the mid-60s music era. … Read more