The Best Types of Boots for Different Occasions

boots of a male and female couple in the snow

There’s a quote that says, “Good boots take you good places,” and knowing the right type of boots will surely take you to many great destinations. You can even conquer the world!  However, you cannot go to a fancy formal occasion wearing cowboy boots or imagine yourself scaling a craggy cliff wearing … Read more

Unforgettable Sneaker Controversies

a pair of Air Jordan I shoes

Controversies in the running shoes and sneakers world are nothing new. Every major shoe company has, at least, faced some sort of backlash over the years for several issues, including (but not limited to): ill-conceived design, disastrous branding, and a complete historical oversight. But as one would say, bad publicity is still … Read more

Major Fashion Trends of the 1950s

a woman driving a car, wearing a vintage sunglasses, a scarf on her head, and wearing a floral dress

Fashion trends have altered dramatically over time. The way we style has evolved into more than just a means of covering our nakedness; it has also evolved into one of the fundamental ways to express and differentiate ourselves from those around us. When it comes to fashion, what goes around comes around, … Read more

The Interesting History of the Plimsoll’s Athletic Shoe Name

black Vans plimsolls with red design details

The evolution of shoes is a dynamic and never-ending tale. From the fundamental and practical need to cover and protect our feet, it turned into a fast-growing industry in which design is just as important as functionality and comfort. We are all familiar with running shoes and sneakers, but not a lot … Read more

How To Buy Shoes for Wide Feet Online

How To Buy Shoes for Wide Feet Online

Feet come in all sizes and shapes. Some feet are a little wider than is typical which, though normal, can be a little inconvenient when shopping for shoes. The challenge can be even greater when buying shoes online because you are not able to try them on beforehand to make sure they … Read more

How To Find Comfortable Shoes

How To Find Comfortable Shoes

Investing in footwear can help to keep your feet in good health. With that said, not everyone knows how to find shoes that fit correctly and give feet the support that they need. If you’re ready to shop for shoes, you’ll want to begin by looking at your own feet. Take your … Read more

4 Tips for Finding the Right Shoe for Each Outfit

4 Tips for Finding the Right Shoe for Each Outfit

It doesn’t matter if you are a shoe lover or not; shoes are an essential part of your attire. You can ask any fashion expert, and he will tell you that no matter where you go, the other person will notice your shoes before anything else. When you are shopping for shoes, … Read more

Who Invented Jordans – A History of Air Jordan Shoes

Who Invented Jordans   A History of Air Jordan Shoes

Have you ever wondered about the history behind the iconic Air Jordan shoes? These shoes rose to popularity in the 1980s and are now making a comeback, but how did they get their start? Keep reading to learn about who invented Jordans, and the history behind these famous shoes. Early Struggles In … Read more

How to pick the perfect wedding shoes?

Wedding Shoes

Wedding is special and one need to pick things up that would be perfect for that day. So, when it comes to wedding dresses and other attires, one should choose them very carefully. Wedding shoes are very important when it comes to wedding attire. So, when one is choosing a pair of … Read more

The History of Velcro

The History of Velcro

Can you imagine your life without Velcro? That hook-and-loop fastener that we use in menu surprising aspects of our life. From shoes and bags to disposable diapers and in the aerospace industry. Velcro is such an important detail that helps keeps our things in place. But did you know that this ingenious … Read more

Top Shoe Styles of the 1980s

Heat Edge Mens Moccasin Slipper Shoe

As with every generation and decade, the 80s had its own style and fashion. Ranging from spandex to having bangs with big hair to flipped up collars and polos – 80s fashion was its own. Shoes also were a big part of the 80s fashion scene.  Basketball shoes started their ascendancy to … Read more

The History of Running Shoes

The History of Running Shoes

The first running shoe is a relatively new invention – it dates back about 200 years. However, it’s much older than you could probably imagine. The first sneakers were made of leather, which unfortunately had the tendency to stretch when wet, and wore out very quickly. Also, the first runners were not … Read more