Celebrities That Have Worn Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are a special kind of formal shoes. These might be boots, dress shoes, sandals, or any other type of shoes with a relatively thicker sole. These shoes are high, and the thickness generally ranges from 3cm to 10cm. But aside from the platform shoes, most would probably agree that Jordan shoes is one of the most popular shoes of all time. A limited number of jordan shoes is sold in order to keep the price of the product high, this means that only a small number of people will be able to buy these shoes.

History of the Platform Shoes

History of the Platform Shoes

These shoes are not a new fashion, but they do have proper proof of their ancient history. Platform shoes were found in many cultures in the remote past. These shoes were first introduced to prevent the feet from getting wet. In those times, the roads and walking areas used to be flooded with water, so shoes with high and thick sole were invented in Venice.

After their popularity in the nearby areas, the platform shoes were used by the Greeks. These shoes were equally famous for both men and women. With time, these unique and fashionable shoes got famous in almost every part of the world. They were named and designed differently in every culture and country. Now, these trending shoes are quitepopular among celebrities.

Modern Evolution and Popularity of Platform Shoes

These shoes became more famous and comfortable in the 1980s. The80s platform shoes gained popularity when some famous brands introduced them in a comfortable and unique design. They incorporated the height of the platform shoes and the comfort of the sneakers in one.

They became more and more popular day by day as the female population of all ages started owning them as a must-have. Not only the females but the male population around the globe liked this new classic look of the formal shoes. These shoes gained immediateattentionfrom celebrities all around the world.

Why Do People Love Platform Shoes?

Platform shoes are given an immensely positive response by people all around the globe. The reason is that the revolutionized form of these shoes has been quite a comfortable fashion. The right pair of comfortable platform shoes increases your glamorous look by many times.

These shoes can give you confidence as they provide you with two extra inches of height with a single sole heel. They give a beautiful and classy look without hurting or soaring your feet. They do not put much stress on the ball of the feet as well.

Are Platform Shoes Safe For Your Feet?


Since we all know high heels can cause some ill effects on our feet, it has been a serious debate about platform shoes being dangerous for normal use. Platform shoes have also been seen to cause some serious damages to the feet, but it was under certain circumstances.

When the heels of the shoes were kept higher than the toe arena, they caused extensive damage. It has been observed that these shoes put stress on the bones of the feet.

Famous Celebrities That Wore Platform Shoes

As these shoes became a trend all around the globe, famous celebrities started wearing them. They were noticed showing off the glamour in the feet of many celebrities. Some of them have been mentioned below.

1. Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney is a famous singer and songwriter from America. She has been famous for inspiring many teens. She revived the trend of pop music and is known as “Princess of Pop.”Britney was seen wearing these trendy platform shoes at her very first red-carpet appearance in Los Angeles.

The famous singer, actress, and dancer wore strapped black platform shoes with a red frock. It was at the premiere of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” She stole the show, and the platform shoes added glam to her look.

2. Lady Gaga


Who doesn’t know this name? Lady Gaga is one of the most famous American songwriters and singers. Gaga has been the most loved singer all around the globe. She is versatile in her music as well as entertainment.

Lady Gaga seems to be a huge fan of platform shoes. She has been noticed wearing the thick sole shoes more than twice in certain appearances. Once, she was seen in them at the 2010 VMAs. This appearance got popular because Gagawas wearing raw meat all around her.

3. Simon Rimmer


Simon is an English celebrity. He is a chef by profession. He is famous for his partnership with Tim Lovejoy. The celebrity has been seen wearing platform shoes at almost every place. This might be due to the difference in the lengths of his legs.

4. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is the highest-grossing action hero of all time. He has been well known for the Fast and Furious series. This famous American actor and filmmaker also follows the on-going trends and seems very conscious about his appearances.

Vin has been seen wearing stylish platform shoes on many occasions. He seems to be quite obsessed with the thick sole and logger-style boots. They have a thickness of about 2 inches that makes him a bit taller. We are not sure about him having lifts in them.

5. Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham is a multi-talented American artist. She is a famous writer, actor, director, and producer. She is avery conscious person when it comes to her looks and appearances in public. Like most celebs, Lenaalso chose platform shoes as her go-to shoes on many occasions.

Lena opted for the black sandals on the red carpet of the same occasion as Britney. She was seen wearing the Jimmy Choo heels with an updated feather gown.

6. Ava Max


Ava Max has been famous for her unique styles of hair that appears to be a wig. She is a famous songwriter as well as a singer from America. Ava was seen in platform shoes at an August appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel.” She was wearing shiny silver platform boots that caught the attention of everyone in the audience. She paired them with a long shiny blue jacket and a decent handbag.

7. Tessa Thompson


Tessa is an American actress, singer, producer, and writer, specifically a songwriter. She has worked in many famous movies and started her career in Los Angeles. Tessa carried the platform shoes at many events.

Interestingly, she had also gone for a men’s-wear-inspired type of shoe with a heel. Tessa was seen wearing them at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in Los Angeles.

8. Richard Kruspe


Richard is a very popular German musician – a guitarist of a famous music band. He doesn’t only love the idea of wearing the platform shoes but also been seen quite a few times recommending these trendy shoes.


These platform shoes have been a great revolution in the fashion industry. Although they might cause discomfort (at least in the beginning), they give short people confidence while maintaining their glam look. This is why these shoes are quite famous among celebrities and people of all ages and genders. If you also want to rock a classy look at any event, you can certainly go for these platform shoes.