The 5 Benefits that Wheelchairs Provide to Seniors

Have you been advised to use a wheelchair but are feeling too conscious to sit in one? Do not fear! Once you’ve found a wheelchair that suits you perfectly, you’ll realise that the benefits quickly outweigh every inch of embarrassment you may be feeling.

1 in 5 senior citizens in the United States struggle with independent mobility, so you are not alone. Wheelchairs are amazing pieces of equipment that enable easy movement, low dependency and a happier life.

So, stop feeling low ‘cos of restricted mobility or inability to meet your friends in the local park. Get yourself a neat new wheelchair and watch your life change instantly!

1. Experience easy mobility

With age, joints and muscles start growing weaker. Accept that your body is aging as the first step in embracing this new chapter of your life. But if you think your lack of mobility should be stopping you from enjoying beautiful weather outdoors or meeting loved ones, think again!

Many senior citizens across the nation have been struggling to participate in outdoor activities or movements outside their home. But with a wheelchair, they suddenly feel alive!

Wheelchairs are specifically designed to assist the elderly in moving around their houses or going outdoors without any discomfort. Studies reveal that seniors who make regular use of their wheelchairs actually enjoy a much more active lifestyle.

That is how we know that quality of life actually improves with a wheelchair. Go online and hear the reviews, directly from others like you!

2. Be comfortable wherever you go

Wheelchairs, these days, offer amazing options for comfortable seating. It can be  designed to align to your spine and posture and provide the physical support you need.

You may adjust the chair height and size, your arm rests, leg rests, the entire thing can be personalised towards your comfort and convenience. The seating can be as comfy and supportive as you like it to be. You can choose from manual or automated versions.

The latest models are fascinating – some are lightweight, others are designed for specific medical cases, a few are electric, and there are even those with high traction for rough surfaces. And that’s just the beginning.

3. Don’t compromise on your social life

We are all social animals and we love to interact with others! Even if it’s the occasional ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ on the streets. In your later years, this need evolves and with some, it begins to play a more active role.

Do you find that you crave interactions with people? Have you been feeling a bit lonely due to immobility?

Well, trust your wheelchair to take you places you haven’t been in a while. Pick up your own essentials from the store down the road or meet the neighbours around the block. Attend a local game night or just get your daily dose of fresh air every morning.

You will soon realise that your wheelchair is allowing you to live life on your own terms. What a feeling!

Regular interactions with your friends and family members are sure to boost your mood and make you feel like a million bucks. We’re ready to bet that 50% of your aches and pains will reduce once you’re active and feeling positive.

4. Get back your independence and confidence

One of the unfortunate effects of old age and especially, not being able to move around easily, is the feeling of dependence and a lack of confidence. You may be dreading constantly asking someone else to get you things, or not feeling steady enough to carry your own stuff.

Many seniors go through this and a wheelchair is your way out of such a mindset. If you are the kind of person who does not like to rely on your family, friends or caregivers, we think, you are ready for your own wheelchair.

Once you are independent and mobile, you will feel motivated to do so many things you’ve been planning. A new gardening project, a craft assignment with the grandkids, a new recipe you saw on the internet or even a brand new hobby.

Independence is a state of mind that empowers us. Any compromise in this state, can send you down a very low and depressing road.

So, think seriously about getting a wheelchair if you are feeling any negative emotions of that sort.

5. Rejuvenate your life

The pandemic has been tough on all of us. Being confined to your home because of a dangerous virus is bad enough! But being confined because you are physically unable to move can be even worse.

Now that things are getting a bit under control, you should get a wheelchair and try it out, even if it’s only around the house and backyard. Practice moving around in it and get used to its functions.

Soon you’ll be confident enough to take it places. Attend that potluck, take your dog for a walk, go down to the lake and feed some ducks, like you used to!

In fact, the opportunities that come your way with a wheelchair are limitless. With this aid, you can do all those retirement activities you so carefully planned. You will be excited to do more and accomplish goals. Plan on taking that cruise you’ve been putting off for the last 2 years or go on a family vacation.

Explore, live and appreciate life!

Your ticket to true happiness during this phase of your life is being grateful, active and positive. A wheelchair will turn out to be a trusting partner, supporting friend and encouraging buddy. The increased mobility will instantly make you feel lively, happy and motivated. Suddenly, the thought of going out or meeting people will not get you down. You’ll feel invigorated and ready to experience the new wheelchair phase in your life!