The Role of Expert Witnesses in Helping Personal Injury Claimants Receive Justice!


Millions of people file personal injury claims against another party that caused them harm yearly. The injuries can result from any kind of accident or incident, including car accidents, trips and falls, workplace accidents, slips, and dog bites. More so, the National Safety Council estimates the total cost of all injuries in 2021 alone to be $1,255.4 billion.

Thankfully, if you suffer injury due to someone’s negligence, compensation for your losses and harm is made available. However, to successfully claim your deserved compensation, you must establish the necessary conditions, which can be challenging. This article explains who an expert witness is and how much impact they can have on a personal injury claim.

The Expert Witness

An expert witness is typically a professional or specialist with extensive and specialized knowledge and experience. They have this knowledge and experience in the field related to the claimant’s case.

The claimant’s lawyer would call the specialist to provide a professional and unbiased opinion on some aspects of the case. Depending on the case, the witness’s contribution can be scientific or technical. Through the expert witness’s testimony, the court can better understand and establish the facts to make a fair judgment.

Various Types of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

As a personal injury claimant, there are several types of expert witnesses you can enlist to establish facts in your case, such as the following:

  • Accident Reconstructionist

An accident reconstructionist will analyze various evidence you gather from the accident scene, such as the surveillance footage. Then, using the results they get, they will reconstruct the accident to show the court the cause of the accident. Courts can then use this to attribute liability to the party that truly deserves it.

  • Medical Experts

Medical experts are more commonly called upon in medical malpractice cases to testify on the defendant’s standard of care. Also, their testimony goes a long way in establishing the cause and extent of the claimant’s injuries. They can also elaborate on the actual medical errors, helping the court decide how to establish fault.

  • Mental Health Experts

Mental experts are vital to the success of a personal injury claim. Through their testimony, the court can gain insights into the claimant’s emotional and mental state due to the accident. Also, the claimant needs their expertise to diagnose mental health trauma and PTSD.

How an Expert Witness Can Impact Your Case

The testimony of an expert witness in a personal injury case cannot be overestimated; it can significantly bolster the case. Furthermore, an expert witness’ testimony can significantly affect how much compensation a claimant is awarded. Personal injury cases involve several delicate and refutable concepts, such as negligence, the defendant’s standard of care, and causation.

A claimant has a better chance of receiving a fair outcome with the analysis and opinion of an experienced professional. With a professional corroborating their story and establishing their argument, the judgment will likely sway in the claimant’s direction. Having an expert witness show the extent of your injuries is the best way to convince the court that you deserve compensation.


“Expert witnesses play a significant role in personal injury cases, from clearly and concisely analyzing facts to countering the defendant’s opposing arguments,” says Personal Injury Attorney Christopher Keller of Keller Melchiorre & Walsh, PLLC. If you have an ongoing personal injury case, you should hire an attorney to help you. Apart from representing you and fighting for your rights, they can help you get experienced professionals to establish your case’s facts.

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