The Ultimate Guide to Making Jewelry Using Pearls


Pearls are seen as mysterious, which is not surprising given that they come direct from the sea. When worn, they add a definite aura of mystique. Every woman needs at least one pearl necklace. In this guide, we will look at how to make a pearl necklace from scratch and how to wear pearls.

What Line to Use

Most lines come in silk. The line you use for stringing your pearls should be the right thickness:

  • #2 for small pearls
  • #4 for large pearls

Pre-stretch the thread so that you can control the length:

  • Collar length – 12 to 13 inches
  • Choker – 14 to 16 inches
  • Princess necklace – 17 to 19 inches
  • Opera length – 26 to 36 inches

Getting Prepared to String Beads

Clean and dry the pearl posts, add a drop of adhesive to the surface, and push each pearl into its post. This sets quickly but you should allow sixteen hours before the next step. In the meanwhile, rub your silk thread with beeswax to protect it, and pre-stretch it again. Fold the line in half and secure the ends with a knot or bead clamp.

You can use a beading tray or even a towel to work on so that none of your pearls go missing. Thread the needle with a thin wire needle. Test that it goes through the pearls.  Also be sure to check out heart necklace jewelry or a personalized cross necklace as well.

Stringing Pearls

You will be stringing in reverse. Remember this if you have a colored or sizzed pattern in mind. Start by threading a clamshell tip all the way to the end of the line. The knot should be contained within the tip and closed with a small drop of glue. Place an overhand knot after the clamshell tip. This prevents the pearl from friction and wearing down.

String the pearls one at a time. Place knots between each bead. These should be as tight as possible and can be done with tweezers. Finish off with another clamshell tip.

If the pearl necklace is for you, measure it constantly to make sure that it is the right length. Hold it against your neck and work out where the midpoint is to position your central bead.

How to Wear Pearls

This guide has shown you how easy it is to make a pearl necklace. You can make as many as you want to take advantage of different sizes and colors. For example, The Bead Traders have a wide variety of pearls to choose from so you can make any pearl necklace that takes your fancy.

Now that you have a pearl necklace or two, how do you go about wearing your pearls? Nowadays, you can wear pearls with informal clothing or to work too. When you dress up, use seven-millimetre pearls in three to four strands of differing lengths. If it has a gold clasp, all the better. Classic pearl necklaces should be paired with pearl earrings and a pearl ring and worn with an elegant outfit or little black dress.

Pearls are popular and also a lot of fun to make into jewelry.

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