The Ultimate Solution for Small Bedrooms: A Murphy Bed

With a small bedroom, it can be a challenge to find solutions that don’t overcrowd or clutter your space. The more furniture you add, the less room you’ll have to move around comfortably. That being said, you can create a functional small bedroom that you’ll love with the right modern furniture solutions. For instance, a Murphy bed is truly a revolutionary space-saving option. When the bed is folded away, it stands as a beautiful cabinet. When you’re ready to use the wall bed, all you need to do is clear the floor space and pull the bed down. It’s so practical! What’s more, Bestar has an array of models in different styles, colors and designs, so you can choose the right fit for your needs. Keep reading to find how a Murphy bed can make all the difference in a small bedroom!

Keeps Your Bedroom Neat and Organized

One of the best features of a Murphy bed is its practical, space-saving design. When you want to use the bed, all you need to do is clear the floor space and fold the bed down. When folded away, the bed stands alone as a stunning cabinet that’s anchored to the wall, taking up minimal floor space. You can even keep thin sheets on the bed when it’s closed, but you must remove heavy bedding to ensure proper closure.

Do you need storage options for all your belongings? No worries! You can choose a model that comes with one or more storage pieces for bedding, clothing, decor, supplies, and more. These cabinets come with open and closed storage compartments, so you can store all your belongings neatly and efficiently. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have a practical bed that keeps your space looking its best!

Offers A World of Possibilities

Small Bedrooms

Have you always wanted to set up a gym, home office space, or craft area in your home but just never had the space? Well, with a Murphy bed, now you can! When the bed isn’t being used, the floor space in your bedroom is wide open for all your activities. When you want to use the bed, simply clear the floor in front of the cabinet and fold the bed down. What’s more, the wall bed’s dual-piston system makes it easy to fold the bed up and down seamlessly. Creating a versatile, multipurpose space has never been easier!

Do you need to set up a home office but don’t quite have room for a dedicated workspace? Go for a Murphy bed with a desk. You can choose a model with a fold-down desktop attached to the cabinet or a retractable desk that folds into the storage cabinet. No matter which model you go with, you’ll have a functional workspace to get all your work done. When you’re ready to use the bed, clear your belongings from the work surface, fold away the desk and pull the bed down. It’s so convenient! For a truly efficient space, add an ergonomic office chair and you’ll be ready to take on the workday.

Another great multipurpose solution to consider is a sofa Murphy bed. By day, you can use the sofa with your family and friends to watch movies, hang out, or just relax. By night, you can sleep in a comfortable bed. Simply remove the cushions from the sofa and fold the bed down—that’s it!

Provides Plenty of Comfort and Style

In addition to functionality and practicality, Murphy beds are stylish and comfortable options for any space. You’ll truly have the best of both worlds! For instance, the mattress support with flexible slats provides ample back support for a good night’s sleep. Also, since Murphy beds can accommodate most standard Full and Queen mattress sizes, you can choose the right type of mattress for your needs. However, just be sure your mattress meets Bestar’s requirements in terms of weight and thickness. You’ll also want to make sure to follow the assembly and installation instructions provided, including using a professional or a qualified person to properly install the bed and secure it to the wall.

Murphy beds come in a variety of finishes and colors, so you can choose a style that’s right for you. Opt for a simple design with a white finish or a two-toned wall bed with clean lines to give your space a modern vibe. If you’re looking for inspiration, Bestar recently added a variety of new finishes and bundles to the Pur Collection. Be sure to check them out on the Bestar website!

Finding clever and practical ways to set up a small bedroom isn’t always easy. You don’t want to overcrowd your already small space with bulky items, but you also need furniture that’s comfortable and functional. Thankfully, with a space-saving Murphy bed, you can create an efficient bedroom that maximizes every square inch of your space!