Things That Need To Know About Concrete Polishing Services


Reduce Costs and Achieve a Professional Finish Using Concrete Polishing Services

As flooring wears out in your business you have to make the difficult decision of whether to replace the existing flooring with a similar product or to invest in something different. While companies have been using carpeting, linoleum and laminate flooring for years, more are making the switch to a polished concrete surface instead. If your company has existing cement flooring, investing in a polishing service could save you big time while offering numerous environmental and maintenance benefits in the future. But make sure you hire expert concreters to get the job right. 

Cut the Cost of Your Floor Replacement Substantially

Typical floor replacement jobs involve pulling up the old floor and sometimes the subfloor as well, disposing of all that material and then laying down new flooring. By polishing existing concrete you can avoid the cost of new flooring and minimize the waste generated as well. Polished concrete is the perfect solution for worn concrete or cement floors, but it works well in businesses that are getting ready to replace worn flooring materials laid down over a concrete base layer. Strip away the top levels and refinish that concrete floor instead of laying something new down. 

Choose Your New Color and Finish

When your business decides to invest in concrete polishing you aren’t stuck with a dull gray floor. You can choose a range of stains, add-in materials, etched finished layers and even colored epoxy finishes depending on the look you’re going for. From a simple shiny floor to flooring that mimics products such as marble, wood, tile or other finished surfaces, you can get an industrial-grade floor with a high-quality appearance when you work with the right company. 

Get a Safe and Tough Floor

Polished concrete can be finished to give you the properties you want while being very durable at the same time. For instance, you can opt to have a non-slip floor finish applied to make your business safer to walk around. You can also choose a highly durable finish that will stand up to heavy use on a daily basis. Even in work environments where heavy tools and equipment will be carried around, your concrete floors will hold up well and suffer from minimal damage. You can’t say that for very many other flooring materials.

Minimize Your Environmental Impact

A polished concrete floor is also a way to minimize the environmental impact of your company. Using laminates, vinyl, linoleums, and other synthetic floor materials leave you with a pile of garbage that is very difficult to recycle each time you need to swap out your floors. With polished concrete, you’ll have less waste and a floor that will last far longer. Even when it wears out a quick polish and surface refinish can have it looking like new once again. It’s one of the best long-term flooring investments you can make for your business. 

Mimic More Expensive Materials

Some store owners consider putting in exotic flooring materials to wow their customers or give their space a more upscale look. This is almost always a bad idea. Not only are the most exotic materials difficult to maintain, but they are expensive to put in initially. A skilled concrete artisan can mimic many stone-based materials with polished concrete. Consider investing in an acid-etched and polished concrete floor with carefully added stains instead of some exotic material that isn’t going to hold up. 

Minimize Maintenance Time and Costs

Using a polished concrete surface also guarantees that you’ll save time and money within your business for basic maintenance tasks. That’s because sealed concrete requires very little maintenance over time. Compare the simple cleaning tasks that your concrete floor will require to the maintenance for something like carpet, vinyl, linoleum or even tile and it’s easy to see how concrete is the most cost-effective solution for long-term operation. Whether you’re looking to save money on the short-term floor upgrade, or you want to save money over time, a refinished concrete floor pays off big. 

Polished concrete flooring isn’t the perfect solution for every business, and some business owners could benefit by going with a warmer or softer product, but most companies could benefit from making the switch. When your space is in need of a flooring upgrade, consider stripping away all the top layers you have laid down and going with a beautiful polished concrete floor instead. When you hire the right professionals to do the work the results can be stunning enough to impress your customers and the finished floor will be tough enough to save you on maintenance and repair costs in the future. What’s not to like?

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