Top 7 Cool and Exciting Places to Visit in 2021

Although much of the world is on hold for now, traveling is still a viable option even during the current COVID-19 events. The ability to travel is opening up more as safety is now a better guarantee and countries are opening their borders for travel for healthy passengers. Mind you, there are a lot of places still on strict notice, but there are some great destinations to choose from for the rest of 2021.

Traveling in 2021 was turned on its head for some time, but now that people can go abroad again, here are 7 cool and exciting places to visit so you can scratch that travel itch.

  • Greece

European borders are opening in selected countries as of July 2020 and Greece could be the next stop on your travel list. With more strict health measures, Greece has been widely unaffected during this time and is slowly opening for travel too. From the beaches to the ancient architecture, the endless beauty and wonder of Greek culture is on display and very worthy of a trip in 2021. If you are visiting Greece by car, make sure you get a Greece international drivers license first.

  • Bermuda

The sunny beaches, warm weather, amazing food, and friendly locals make Bermuda one of the top choices year in and year out. Why is it such a great destination for 2021? Well, aside from the obvious benefits of these gorgeous beaches, it allows you to get outside and enjoy the fresh saltwater air and breezes of a tropical destination after so much time spent indoors. 

  • Thailand

Another warm destination is the beautiful Southeast Asian country of Thailand. This country’s tourism industry has been booming the last couple of years because of the low cost of travel and amenities which can help stretch your dollar. Thailand offers a great blend of modern and old, nature and city, and has some truly unforgettable adventures in store for travelers.

  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico falls into a similar category as Bermuda as it is a hugely popular tropical vacation. What makes Puerto Rico so great is that it is actually U.S. territory so it is easy for American vacationers to get there. The folks in BitLux Travel even highlight how it is a popular destination for private charter travel, among the many reasons it is so popular. Sprawling beaches, wonderful food, and lively residents all make this a hotspot for 2021 travel.

  • Portugal

Heading back to Europe, Portugal is another country that is deemed safe during 2021 and part of the European reopening of borders for travel. The popularity of Portugal rests on it being right next to the Atlantic Ocean, which provides sun, surf, and sand. The small country boasts a rich history and accommodates well for travelers, even ones on a budget. Staying in hostels or traveling the countryside by train are good ways to experience this beautiful location without breaking the bank.

  • Croatia

The last European destination on this list is the small Eastern nation of Croatia. When you think of Eastern Europe you do not usually imagine crystal blue water and warm Mediterranean coastal air, but Croatia offers something out of the ordinary. With access to the sea and dense forests, you can get some pretty incredible natural wonder. If you want to explore more of the city, then the capital of Zagreb is your best bet for some world-class traditional culture and food. Croatia is an unexpected travel choice but it offers just about everything you could ask for when looking for cool and exciting.

  • Canada

Finally, we have Canada. The Great White North is a massive country with an insanely diverse ecosystem that goes from Atlantic fishing towns out West to hiking forests and surfing, with prairies and mountain ranges in between. Although this country is huge and you are unlikely to explore it all in the first go, there is a lot to check out in the meantime and prepare you for a potential future visit to check off more of the natural vistas. Canada is one of the safest and cleanest places on Earth and traveling there in 2021 will allow you to experience the sheer magnitude of its natural splendor.


Traveling in 2021 felt like a foregone conclusion just a few months ago, but now that the world is starting to return to normal, even just a little bit, the ability to explore is becoming a reality once again. All of that time spent cooped up has people feeling anxious to get out and see what adventures are next and these 7 destinations provide a good mix of relaxation and excitement.